What is business credit card?

Business credit cards are designed to bring you benefits for business spends, for instance - cashback from stores where your business usually avails goods and services from, bonuses on achieving certain spends targets, and more.

If your business requires you or other employees to travel often, then flight tickets and hotel bookings can also be covered under your business credit card. If the business defaults on their credit card bills, it is the business owner that is usually held responsible for the repayment of dues.

The basic business credit card in India is the payment option of choice for entrepreneurs and others who are looking to launch credit for their business. It also helps you keep your business spends separate from your expenditure and comes in handy while doing your taxes.

If you are looking for the best medium or small business credit card, you should check out the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. You get the power of four cards in one – it works as a cash card, credit card, a loan card, and an EMI Network Card and gets you other benefits including rewards points on domestic and international spends, cashbacks, offers and more.

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