What are the types of credit cards?

From travel to shopping, credit cards come in various categories to suit the different needs of customers. A few examples of credit card types are secured credit cards, credit cards for rewards, fuel credit cards, co-branded credit cards and cashback credit cards.

Types of credit cards in India

  • Travel credit card
    Travel credit cards can help you enjoy discounts on flight, bus and rail tickets, cab bookings and more. Reward points are earned on every purchase. Redeem these points to earn air miles and use those to get discounts on future bookings. You can also enjoy complimentary access to VIP airport lounges, book tickets at discounted rates and more with travel credit cards.

  • Fuel credit card
    Reduce your transportation costs with a fuel credit card by availing of fuel surcharge waivers. Fuel purchases made with such credit cards can also help earn extra reward points. Make substantial savings throughout the year on fuel spends.

  • Reward credit card
    This type of credit card comes with accelerated reward points on specific purchases and transactions. You can redeem the bonus points earned against discounts on future purchases or your monthly credit card bills.

  • Shopping credit card
    Shop at partnered stores online or offline to enjoy discounts on purchases or transactions with shopping credit cards. Get cashbacks, discount vouchers and more year-round.

  • Secured credit card
    Avail of a secured credit card against your fixed deposit investment to enjoy attractive interest rates. With proper usage, this type of credit card can help users increase their credit scores.

Go through the fees and charges applicable to different types of credit cards carefully before choosing one. Make sure to avail of a credit card suitable to your specific financial needs.

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