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How to transfer money from credit card to bank account?

Credit Card to Bank Transfer

Usually, credit cards are seen as a mode of payment for all types of transactions, against which you earn reward points and cashback. However, you can also transfer money from credit card to bank account.

How to transfer money from credit card?

You need to use a mobile wallet to transfer funds from a credit card to your bank account. For such transfers, you can either use the mobile wallet app or their official website.

Do note, direct transfer of funds from credit cards to bank account is not possible. First, you have to add money to your wallet using your credit card. Then, you have to transfer the funds from your digital wallet to your bank account.

How to add money from credit card to bank account?

Remember the following points before you transfer money from credit card to bank account:

  • Some wallets will charge a transaction fee that can go up to 3%.
  • It may take 1 to 5 days for the amount to get reflected in your bank account.
  • You may be subjected to an interest rate that is higher than your standard credit card rate of interest.

Money transfer credit cards are available, which are specifically for such purposes. You can transfer the funds directly to your bank account. Some cards even charge low or zero rate of interest for a specific period.

You may also seek other options than direct credit card to bank transfer. Some credit cards offer you interest-free ATM cash withdrawal facility. With Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard you don’t incur any interest if you repay the amount within a period of 50 days.

Now that your query - “Can I transfer money from credit card to bank account” is solved, opt for the facility that best suits your requirements and avail funds in case of emergencies.

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