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What makes the EMI Network ‘the way to pay’ for your hair transplant surgery play

  • Highlights

  • Surgical hair transplant is an effective solution for baldness

  • The average cost of the surgery is Rs.3 lakh

  • Finance the transplant with a No Cost EMI

  • Spread the cost of your surgery between 3 to 24 months

An erratic lifestyle, too much of work-related stress, and irregular sleeping patterns are some of the known factors that lead to hair loss and create baldness. It can leave you worried and embarrassed which can also affect your self-esteem. While natural solutions may not have the desired success rate, a surgical hair transplant is an effective solution for hair loss and its associated effects.

However, hair transplant is expensive, and it is often not covered under health insurance policies since it is not considered a physical illness. This makes it difficult for salaried individuals with limited income to undergo such medical procedures. This is where opting for No Cost EMI can aid you to finance your hair transplant surgery and pay for it in easy instalments.

What is the cost of a hair transplant surgery?

Usually, there is no one-price-fits-all solution for a hair transplant surgery. It depends on the severity of hair damage and individual circumstances of each patient. The most common way to calculate the cost of hair transplant is per graft basis. Each graft contains one to three hair follicles depending on the baldness level and natural hair units.

The price per graft usually ranges from Rs.80 to Rs.160 in all major cities of India. This basically means that around 2,500 grafts would cost you anything between Rs.2 lakh to Rs.3 lakh.

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In addition to this, standard laboratory tests and post-surgery charges can add heftily to the bill.

Pay for your surgery in EMIs

Bajaj Finserv provides EMI financing of lifecare services through EMI Network. You can get loans up to Rs.4 lakhs to fund your medical procedures or buy various products like electronic appliances, furniture, healthcare devices, etc. You are also entitled for special pre-approved offers on personal loans, business loans and other financial services.

What makes the EMI Network way to pay for hair transplant

This can be a prudent method of paying for your hair transplant surgery without depleting your savings. Here are the few advantages of going the EMI way:

1. Pay in flexible tenor

One of the prime advantages of choosing an EMI option to pay your bills is that they usually come with a flexible repayment schedule. Generally, lenders allow you to choose a tenor between 3 to 24 months and repay the amount as per your convenience.

2. Facilitates affordability

With rising medical inflation, hair transplant costs often entail a high upfront payment. However, with the EMI Network, the cost of surgery can be paid in easy instalments over an extended period of time.

3. Easy on your budget

EMI financing makes is light on your pocket and you can avail costly services like a hair transplant without curbing your monthly expenditures or changing your lifestyle.


EMI financing is an excellent option if you don’t have a lump sum payment amount at your disposal. You can also choose No Cost EMI to preserve your savings by spreading the cost of the surgery over time.

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