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25 May 2021

When issuers approve your credit card application, they assign you a credit limit that indicates the maximum amount that you can utilise. This credit limit is determined based on several parameters such as your creditworthiness, repayment behaviour, and income. Issuers try to assign a credit limit that you can afford to repay.

A low credit limit doesn’t give you enough leverage to spend. It also has the power to damage your credit score owing to a high credit utilisation ratio. Note that a higher limit is good for your credit score only when you don’t use up your entire limit. Thus, the only way to make higher spends using a credit card and safeguard your credit score is to request a credit limit increase. Read on to know how to increase a credit card limit below.

  • Pay your credit card dues regularly: Issuers monitor your credit card account on a regular basis. If they notice that you pay your credit card dues on time consistently, they will offer you a credit limit increase. Waiting for your issuer to increase your credit limit is your best bet if you are a new credit card user.

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  • Increase your security for secured credit cards: Issuers offer secured credit cards for individuals with no credit history or a bad credit score in exchange for collateral. In this case, the credit limit depends on the value of the collateral. So, if the limit doesn’t suffice your needs, you can ask for a limit increase by pledging additional security. Conversely, if the issuer sees that you have been repaying the dues responsibly, they may not ask for additional security and offer a limit increase themselves. So, the key is to use your credit card diligently.

  • Request a limit increase based on your repayment history: Instead of waiting for the issuer to reach out to you, approach them for a credit limit increase. You can do so by logging into your account and submitting a request for a limit increase. Alternatively, you can also contact your issuer by using their credit card customer care number and speak to a representative. Either way, the issuer will ask you for the reason for the request and whether you have the financial security to repay the additional amounts.

  • Wait for an increase in your income: A higher credit limit gives you a liberty to spend more, which translates into a higher credit card bill. Therefore, the best time to request for a credit card limit increase is on receiving an income hike. This way, your issuer will be assured that you have an increased financial backup to repay your dues.

  • Use your card: Use your credit card regularly and pay your dues on time to increase your chances of a credit limit increase.

  • Apply for a new credit card with a higher limit: While all these tips are good ways to increase your existing card's credit limit, you can also apply for a new credit card provided you have enough income and a good credit score. Though this will not increase the limit on your current credit card, it will certainly add to your overall purchasing power.

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Frequently asked question

How can I increase my credit card limit?

You can request a credit limit increase by contacting your credit card issuer through their customer service hotline or online platform. Some lenders may also allow you to apply for an increase through their mobile app.

Is increasing the credit card limit, okay?

Increasing your credit card limit can offer numerous benefits. It provides greater financial flexibility, allowing you to make larger purchases and handle unexpected expenses. A higher limit can positively impact your credit score, showcasing responsible credit management.