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How to change credit card pin?

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  • Protect your credit card by changing your PIN regularly

  • You can change the PIN at an ATM or via net banking

  • Issuers notify you about your change of PIN

  • If you haven’t initiated a PIN change contact your issuer

A credit card lets you make high-value purchases now and pay later. While allowing you to utilise credit, your issuer draws up a bill based on your usage every month. As paying these bills in full prevents the build-up of interest expenses, you try to keep your credit usage to a minimum. While this can go a long way, it is also important to ensure that you are the only one benefiting from this financial tool. Steering clear of fraudulent activity helps you protect your finances from scams and debt caused because of it.

One way to protect your credit card from misuse is by changing your PIN regularly. A PIN is a 4-digit identification number that is unique to the card. When transacting with a credit card, the payment system matches your user ID with your PIN and only then permits the payment. The same principle applies when you make ATM withdrawals. If your user ID and PIN don’t match, your transaction will be denied. Therefore, it is very important to set a strong PIN, memorise it, and change it every few months to safeguard your credit card.

Initially, you receive a PIN for your credit card along with the welcome kit. Once you receive the kit, change the PIN for safety purposes. Here’s how to change credit card pin in two easy ways.

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Change credit card pin at an ATM

Here’s how to change a credit card pin at an ATM:
- Visit your issuer’s nearest ATM and insert your credit card in the machine
- Choose your preferred language
- Input your existing credit card PIN
- Click on the ‘change PIN’ option
- Wait to receive an OTP on your registered mobile number
- Enter the OTP to verify
- Enter your chosen 4-digit PIN
- Re-enter the new PIN
- Click on the ‘submit’ option

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Change credit card pin through Net Banking

Here’s how to change a credit card pin through net banking: -Sign in to your net banking account
- From the menu, select ‘Credit Card’
- Choose the ‘Change PIN’ option
- Wait to receive an OTP on your registered mobile number
- Verify the OTP by entering it and then continue
- Enter your chosen 4-digit new PIN
- Re-enter the new PIN it to verify
- Click on ‘submit’ to reset your PIN

Either way, the issuer will notify you about your change of PIN. If you receive such a notification and haven’t initiated this transaction, contact your issuer on credit card customer care number.

To enjoy increased safety on a credit card, apply for the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard that comes with the zero-fraud liability and in-hand security features. The RBL MyCard app allows you to have greater control over your credit card as you can monitor all spends and set spending limits on the go. You can also reset your PIN within minutes by visiting the RBL Bank website, navigating to the credit card section and clicking on ‘Set PIN’. Use an OTP to complete safety procedures and set your new PIN.

Apart from greater security, the SuperCard allows you to avail a 90-day interest-free emergency loan, make a 50-day interest-free ATM withdrawal, and convert your purchases of Rs.3,000 or more into EMIs. You can also enjoy a range of exciting exclusive discounts from partner vendors. To benefit from exciting deals tailor-made for you, check your pre-approved credit card offer and add the SuperCard to your wallet today!

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