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Things to do when your credit card is lost or stolen

Credit cards empower cardholders with a sense of financial freedom as they can borrow from their available credit limit whenever required.

Safeguarding this payment tool is, thus, essential to prevent unauthorised access and financial setback. A stolen or lost credit card can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience, especially if it holds adequate available credit or high credit limit.

Risks involved with a lost credit card

Lost or stolen credit cards are vulnerable to frauds and cyber threats, which can lead to –

  • Fraudulent transactions in your name

  • Identity theft

  • Misuse of your financial information

  • Illegal activities and more.

To prevent such happenings, you must quickly take necessary actions the moment you have to question in your mind - ‘I lost my credit card’.

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What to do in case of credit card loss?

You can follow the below steps in case of RBL Credit Card lost.

Step 1: Get in touch with the issuer

The first step is to report the loss of credit card via a phone call and request for card blocking. Ensure to make the call from your registered mobile number so that the company can trace your details easily. You may need to provide some basic information as well to block the card.

In case of Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard , contact the customer care at 022 – 71190900. You can also choose to block your card via mobile application as per your convenience.

Step 2: Elaborate the details via email

It is always recommended to write an email with details of the card loss and your verbal conversation. The email must contain time and date of loss, location, how it happened and other such information. This documentation is crucial for processing your request and future references.

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While the above-mentioned procedure will block your credit card to prevent misuse, you must recheck for unauthorised charges on your monthly statement. If you find any such issue, report to the card provider at the earliest. Additionally, if you have a card protection plan, claim for the insurance coverage within 3 days or as per policy terms.

Some essential facts to note

  • Lodge your ‘lost my credit card’ report within 3 days to avoid liabilities for fraudulent transactions legally.

  • If you report within 4 – 7 days of card loss, you shall be liable to pay Rs. 10,000 or the transaction charges, whichever is less.

Your liability for unauthorised charges depends on the issuing company’s terms and conditions. Bajaj Finserv offers nominal rates and fees for more affordability. Contact the customer care for any assistance or queries like ‘can I track my credit card if I lost it’ beforehand to deal with such mishaps effectively.

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