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3 easy methods of paying your credit card bill from another bank account

  • Highlights

  • Use net banking via a third-party platform

  • Use NEFT to pay your bill by making the card as payee

  • For IMPS, the MMID and the IFSC code methods may be used

  • Pay SuperCard bill via the app, NACH, NEFT, net banking

Paying your credit card bills on time is a sure-shot method of boosting your credit score and ensuring that you stay away from a debt trap. Today, making a credit card payment is easier than ever as you can initiate this online from your home or office. What’s more, you can clear the outstanding dues on your credit card from other bank accounts via an inter-bank payment. Here are the 3 best methods to pay your credit card bill online from another bank account.

Net banking

Issuers generally utilise a 3rd-party platform like BillDesk in order to facilitate an inter-bank net banking transactions. Here are the steps involved.
- Visit your credit card’s the 3rd-party payments page.
- You will be directed to a form wherein you will have to fill in your card type (VISA/MasterCard etc.) and credit card number.

- Fill in the required personal contact details like email and mobile phone number.
- Enter the amount you would like to pay.
- Choose the bank you would like to pay from by using the drop-down menu and complete the transaction.

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Here are the general steps involved in making your credit card payment via NEFT.
- Login to the net banking account of the financier you have an account with.
- Add your credit card as beneficiary by making the credit card number the account number and the name on the credit card as the account name.
- Feed in your credit card issuer’s IFSC number.
- Enter the amount you would like to pay and complete the transaction.


IMPS transactions can either be made through the MMID and mobile number method or the IFSC code and account number method. Here is how you go about the MMID method.
- Open your bank’s mobile application and select the IMPS merchant payment option.
- Next, fill in the merchant mobile number and MMID number applicable for your credit card.
- Enter your credit card number and bank account number from where money will be debited in the indicated fields.
- Enter the amount you would like to pay and complete the payment.

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Here are the steps involved in the IFSC code method.
- Login to your net banking page and add your credit card as a beneficiary by making the credit card number the payee number and the name on the card as the payee name.
- Go to payments and transfers and then navigate to IMPS-IFSC.
- Choose your card as the beneficiary from the drop-down menu.
- Enter the amount you would like to pay and complete the transaction.

In order to have multiple payment options at your fingertips, choose a credit card that offers you a wide variety of payment options. One such card is the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. Here, you can make your credit card payment through diverse modes such as BillDesk, NEFT, net banking, NACH facility, cheque, and even the RBL MyCard App. In case you want to pay your RBL SuperCard bill through a non-RBL bank account, then all you need to do is avail of the net banking facility through third-party payment gateways like BillDesk, PayU, and Razorpay.

All RBL SuperCards offer the features of 4 cards in one. You can use this as a regular credit card, make 50-day interest-free cash withdrawals at ATMs and obtain a quick 90-day interest-free personal loan. Additionally, you can affordably by converting purchases over Rs.3,000 into smaller EMIs and save more by grabbing hold of the ,attractive credit card deals and discounts.

If the RBL SuperCard fits the bill in terms of spending options and repayment facilities for you, then waste no more time in getting your hands on one. In order to speed up the approval process of your credit card, apply online via a customised offer. To gain this, simply check your pre-approved credit card offer from Bajaj Finserv. A 1-step verification will give you instant approval and access to personalised credit card financing.

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