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How to apply for the best credit card for online shopping?

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  • Bag deals with best credit card for online shopping

  • The SuperCard offers exceptional offers and discounts

  • Which credit card is best for online shopping

  • Use the SuperCard to save up to Rs.55,000 annually

Be it for daily spends or big-ticket purchases, a credit card is almost always the best way to pay. This is mainly because of the grace period for repayment and increased purchasing power that it offers. Additionally, issuers have also evolved over time to offer you different types of credit cards that are suited to your spending habits. If you’re especially curious about a shopping credit card then you’re in luck as you can opt for a lifestyle credit card. While you can use almost any kind of credit card to make purchases, it is always better to opt for one that best complements your spends.

Which credit card is best for online shopping?

Credit Card Name Joining Fees Annual Fees Apply
ShopDaily SuperCard ₹ 499 + GST ₹ 499 + GST Apply Now
Platinum ShopGain SuperCard ₹ 1499 + GST ₹ 1499 + GST Apply Now
RBL Bank Travel Easy SuperCard ₹ 999 + GST ₹ 999 + GST Apply Now
RBL Bank Shop Smart SuperCard ₹ 499 + GST ₹ 499 + GST Apply Now
World Plus SuperCard ₹ 4999 + GST ₹ 4999 + GST Apply Now

Benefits of Shopping Credit Card

Access exclusive discounts at partner retail stores

If you’re a frequent shopper both at stores and online, you definitely know the value of a discount. Offers drive purchases and credit card issuers understand this. Therefore, you’ll find that lifestyle credit cards and shopping credits cards have some of the best deals available.

Depending on the issuer you can get flat price cuts, deductions and in some cases, even buy-one-get-one free on your purchases. Use these benefits to your advantage and bag the best deals in the market.

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Earn reward points with every transaction

Your ideal credit card should not charge you a lot of interest. With the Shopping Credit Card by Bajaj Finserv and RBL, you can avail Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) at no extra cost. With the no-cost EMI feature, you can repay your credit card bills without any added interest. Just forget about the 12-14% interest that you are often charged to use the EMI option.

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Shopping online made easy with the SuperCard

Avail cashback on select purchases and down payments

Accumulating cashback is a great way to save money, especially when you shop often. These cashback amounts can stack up over time to give you significant savings.

Lastly, as a card doesn’t come in the way of returning and exchanging products. You can do so easily, as lenders are more than willing to refund the amount to your card. Now that you know just how beneficial it is to shop with your credit card, look for the best credit card for shopping. The market is flush with issuers that who offer attractive deals so pick one that best suits your spending habits. Ideally, opt for a card that combines many features into one.

The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, for example has a host of features in addition to credit cards offers. The SuperCard is ideal for all your shopping needs as it lets you convert any purchase above Rs.3,000 into easy EMIs, and offers savings of up to Rs.55,000 annually. You can also withdraw cash from any ATM on an interest-free basis long as you repay the amount within 50 days. The SuperCard has a simple process and you can benefit from instant approval as well. To get started, check your pre-approved offer and apply.

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