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6 ways to protect your credit card from being hacked

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  • How to protect your credit card from hackers

  • Stay alert and guard yourself against credit card scams

  • See if you can get a credit card protection plan

  • Choose your financial passwords very carefully

Electronic transactions are a boon to the busy Indian citizen. However, protection of your identity details, your credit card, your financial information and your credit history are extremely significant in order to retain your peace of mind and maintain a healthy financial record.

How to protect your credit card from hackers

Credit card theft is one of the worst ways to get cheated. Therefore, it is important for every credit card holder to know how to avoid getting hacked.

1. Follow Safety Measures

Prevention, they say is better than cure and this is precisely why we recommend that you don’t wait to check your billing statement only when it arrives; you must check either daily or on alternate days. If you have lost your card or see a fraudulent charge on it, you should keep checking daily for at least 30 days after your new card arrives. If you find a suspicious charge, dispute it immediately.

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2. Guard Yourself Against Scams

Just because thieves have your credit card number, doesn’t necessarily mean that they also have the expiration date and the CVV number. Protect your credit card from being hacked by never responding to scams that email or give you a phone call asking for access to the rest of your information. It is recommended that you refrain from passing out your information to anybody over phone or email unless you call the credit card provider directly. If a caller gives you a number to return their phone call regarding your credit card, please verify that it is the same contact information that your credit card company provides on their brochures, website or behind the credit card. Also, ensure that you use your credit cards on ecommerce and travel sites that are encrypted and secure and ask for a one-time password. Double check that the website you are making a transaction on is verified and safe.

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3. Have a Card Protection Plan

A good credit card provider will offer you the option of a protection plan. Bajaj Finserv has collaborated with CPP India to provide its customers CPP’s card protection plan, an assistance service enabling cardholders to protect themselves in the event of card loss or theft and resultant fraud and distress. A good card protection plan is a must for those consumers who use plastic money on a fairly regular basis for all daily payments, travel payments and regular expenses such as groceries, car payments etc.

India is witnessing a sharphike in credit cards being the preferred mode of payments and transactions amongst Indian consumers, and a service that provides assistance as well as insurance on your credit card is a good way to protect against credit card hacks.

4. Be Intelligent with Your Passwords

Using a strong password and frequent change of your password is the only way to stay ahead in the game. Cyber thieves troll their targets and follow their patterns. Therefore, the only solution is not to create a pattern with your passwords. Same goes with pins for your cards.

5. What to Do If You Lose Your Card

First and foremost, inform your card issuer. Let them know your last transaction as best as you can remember. Have them cancel your card immediately and send you a replacement card at your address. Further, analyse your other credit card statements to ensure that all activity is accurate.

6. Protect Your Credit Card from a Data Breach

Remember not to store your card details on any website or mobile app. That is the first step in protecting yourself and your credit card from a data breach.

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Protect yourself from a credit card fraud and get a credit card from a good lender who will assist you during a worst-case scenario.

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