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Credit Card Payment - Pay Credit Card Bill Online

Credit Card Payment - Pay Credit Card Bill Online

If you have a credit card, it is important to pay your card bills on time. You can do this conveniently online or offline by visiting a bank branch. Over the past few years, online credit card payment has increasingly become popular due to its convenience and accuracy.

Online Credit Card Payment

Credit card bill payments can be done online through internet banking, mobile app, NEFT, auto debit, mobile wallets, mobile banking, IMPS, debit card, etc. Since you can pay your bills online without any hassle, you will not miss your payment deadlines too. It is also important to know that banks provide secure and safe online card payment facilities.

Methods to Pay Credit Card Bill Online

Let us now understand some of the online card payment options:

  • Auto debit: If you set the auto debit or standing instruction feature on your bank account, then the bill amount will get deducted automatically. You may pay the full bill amount or the minimum outstanding amount on a particular date. This will ensure that your bill gets paid every cycle on time without any delay. You also don’t have to worry if you may forget the bill date.
  • NEFT: National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) enables you to pay your credit card bill from your bank account. For payee account number, you will need to enter the credit card number and for IFSC code, you will have to refer to the credit card company’s website or brochure.
  • IMPS: To pay your credit card bill, you need to visit your bank’s net banking portal or open the mobile app and select the Merchant Payment Button under the IMPS option. Then, you need to key in the MMID, the contact number, your credit card number, and the bill amount. You may also make your payment through the IMPS-IFSC option.
  • Net Banking: When you have a savings account with your credit card provider, it is very easy to pay your card bill. All you need to do is register your credit card number on the net banking account and pay your bill instantly. You may also create a separate net banking account only to pay your credit card bills.
  • ECS: Through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), you can give an authorisation or a standing instruction to debit money from your bank account for paying your credit card bill. You can decide if you want to pay the full bill amount or only the minimum due amount.
  • Visa Fund Transfer: It lets you wire funds from your bank account to a Visa credit card to make the bill payment securely. Most banks in India have this facility.
  • Mobile Wallets: There are several mobile wallets and payment apps in India these days. They allow you to make credit card payments. You only have to download any of these apps and then make the bill payment successfully by linking your bank account or debit card to the app. There is no need for registering on a separate section on the wallet to make an online credit card payment.
  • BillDesk: This is an online payment gateway option that enables you to pay your credit card bills online even if you do not have an online account. Banks typically collaborate with BillDesk portal, and this portal allows you to make trouble-free payments that are secured through a one-time password (OTP). On the BillDesk portal, you have to choose your bank, key in your card details, your bill amount, and then you will be led to the payment interface. You can complete the payment transaction successfully by keying in the OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number.

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Benefits of Paying Credit Card Bills Online

  • Hassle-free payments: Whether you are sitting on your couch at home or at your office desk, you can pay your credit card bill online in a jiffy! Enter a few necessary details on the payment platform of your choice and you will be done with your payment. You can use a laptop or your smartphone to pay the bill in a few seconds.
  • Quicker payment processing: When you pay your card bill online, your card account will get credited very quickly. On the other hand, when you pay at a physical bank branch, processing can take time.
  • No additional fee: You will not incur any additional cost while paying a credit card bill online. There is no processing fee on these payments.
  • Paperless payments: You can avoid filling payment slips and forms when you choose to pay your credit card bill online. Filling such slips manually can sometimes be complicated and can also lead to errors.

Online Credit Card Bill Payment Process

When you pay your bill online, you need to follow some important steps, no matter which payment mode you select. Let us look at a few payment processes briefly:

Through net banking

  • Sign into your internet banking account.
  • Register your credit card and select it.
  • Choose the payment option and the amount that you want to pay (entire amount or minimum due) and click ‘confirm’.

Through mobile wallets

  • Download the mobile wallet of your choice.
  • Add your credit card details and link it to the wallet.
  • Choose the card and enter the payment amount.
  • You will then be led to net banking, BHIM UPI, or a linked debit card.
  • Select the suitable payment option and enter the necessary details and complete the payment.

Through BillDesk

  • Search for BillDesk and your credit card issuing bank on the internet or go to BillDesk website and choose your bank.
  • Once you open the page that allows you to make the payment, key in details like your card type, email address, credit card number, and bill amount.
  • Click on the net banking account of your choice, enter the required login details, and complete the payment.

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With these key pointers in mind, you can enjoy smooth and secure online credit card bill payments.

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