How to increase your credit card limit

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A credit card limit is the credit usage cap set by the issuer. It is the maximum amount that a customer can spend using a credit card. A few easy ways to increase your credit card limit include boosting your credit score, repaying your dues on time, or sharing proof of an increase in income with the card issuer. However, approval or rejection of your request for credit limit enhancement is completely at your lender’s discretion.

Most lenders review your usage pattern for about six months before considering limit enhancement. However, these terms and conditions vary from lender to lender.

How to increase your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard limit

There are two simple ways to increase your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard limit.

• Get automatic credit limit enhancement:
If you have been a trustworthy customer, your credit card limit may increase automatically. For this to happen, you need to make a reasonable number of transactions with your credit card, pay all your outstanding dues on time, and maintain a high credit score.

• Request credit card limit increase:
The best way to increase your credit card limit is by calling up the RBL Credit Card Customer Care Number or visiting a branch closest to you and submitting an application for a credit card limit increase. If you have recently received a promotion, changed jobs, or cleared an existing loan, you may submit the relevant proof to validate these.

You can increase your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard credit limit by following a few guidelines:

• Repay dues on time
If you wish to increase your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Credit Card, you need to have a good credit history. Paying your credit card bill on time will help you maintain this.

• Be patient and wait
If you have been using a credit card for quite a significant period, the issuer will automatically increase the credit card limit.

• Boost your credit score
A poor credit score will minimise your chances of upgrading your credit card limit. Thus, you need to follow certain practices that boost your credit score. Pay your bills on time and clear your outstanding debts to boost your credit score.

• Show proof of increase in income
If you have received a promotion or an increment in your income, you can request your credit card company to increase your credit limit. Although you are required to submit the documents that validate your claim of a hike in your income.

• Apply for a new card
If you have received a pay hike and meet the income eligibility for a higher credit card variant, you can apply for a new card. In this way, you will get to increase the credit card limit.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I increase my credit card limit?

You can increase your credit limit by following a few simple steps. You can request your bank to increase the limit of the credit card. It is likely to accept your request if you pay your credit card bills on time. Clearing the dues boosts your credit score too. Another method is to apply for a higher variant by submitting evidence of your raised income.

Is it bad to request a credit limit increase?

No, it is not bad to request a credit card limit increase. If you pay your dues on time and maintain an excellent credit history, you can always take this step.

How often should you increase your credit card limit?

If you have received a pay raise, you can request an increase in your credit card limit every twelve months. On most occasions, the bank itself evaluates and sets the credit limit higher. You need to gain the issuer's trust by clearing the dues punctually and using the card regularly.

How long should I wait before requesting a credit limit increase?

Ideally, you should wait for twelve months before requesting a credit card limit increase. You can build your credit score as a reliable customer during this period. If you make transactions regularly and pay the bills on time, the bank will automatically raise your credit card limit.

Is it a good idea to request a credit line increase?

Yes, it is a good idea to request a credit line increase. It will reduce your credit utilisation ratio and improve your credit score. You will have more funds at your disposal in case of emergencies.

How can I automatically increase my credit limit?

Automatic credit limit increases may be available for some credit cardholders, based on factors such as credit history and credit score. You can also call your credit card issuer and request a credit limit increase or apply for a new credit card with a higher limit.

Is it a good thing to increase the credit card limit?

Increasing your credit card limit can be a good thing if you have a responsible plan for managing your finances. It can improve your credit utilisation ratio and potentially improve your credit score. However, it is important not to overspend, as a higher credit limit can lead to higher levels of debt if you are not careful.

What is the average credit card limit?

The typical limit for a credit card in India is not fixed and can vary widely, depending on factors such as the cardholder’s income and credit history. It could be anywhere from a few thousands to several lakhs of rupees.

Can I increase my total credit limit?

Indeed, it is possible to raise your credit limit. You can achieve this by either reaching out to your credit card provider or showing an increase in your earnings.

What happens if I exceed my credit limit?

Going over your credit limit can lead to certain consequences such as additional fees and increased interest rates. Moreover, it can have a negative effect on your credit rating.

Should I reduce my credit card limit?

Lowering your credit card limit might increase your credit utilisation ratio, which could potentially harm your credit rating. However, if you find it difficult to manage your spending, reducing your limit could be a helpful strategy.

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