Credit Card

How to Activate a Credit Card

Various financial institutions in India offer credit cards with exclusive features and benefits. However, once you receive a new credit card, the first step should be to know how to activate a credit card.

How to activate a credit card?

Every credit card issuing company has a specific procedure of activation. Therefore, it is essential that you follow the activation steps offered by your creditcard issuer. This information is usually available on your credit card.

Ways to activate your credit card

Here are the general ways of activating your credit card.

1. Online: Nowadays, most companies allow activation of credit cards online. For that, visit their official website, enter all the correct information as required, and your request will be processed.

2. Customer care: You need to call the credit card customer care number of that particular credit card issuing company and request to activate your credit card.Their representatives will guide you with the next procedures. Make sure to call from your registered phone number.

To activate your credit card, you would need to set or generate a PIN. You can set your credit card PIN by

- Visiting
- Calling the customer care helpline which is on the reverse of your credit card.
- Downloading the RBL MyCard App from Android’s Playstore or Apple’s App Store

Make sure you follow the specific credit card activation guidelines of that particular company.

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