Best Airline Credit Cards in India

Explore some of the best credit cards for airline bookings and the benefits they offer.
Best Airline Credit Cards in India
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23 December 2023

In a world where travel is both a luxury and a necessity, having the right credit card can turn every journey into a rewarding experience. Airline credit cards have become the wings for travel enthusiasts, offering a plethora of benefits, from seamless booking to exclusive rewards. In this guide, we'll explore the top airline credit cards in India, unlocking the doors to a world where every transaction takes you closer to your next adventure.

The top airline credit cards redefine the way we fly by providing a hassle-free booking experience. Imagine a world where booking a flight becomes as effortless as a single swipe. These credit cards not only offer convenience but also elevate the entire travel experience with exclusive privileges and perks.

Features and benefits of airline credit cards

  • Miles accumulation: One of the primary features of airline credit cards is the accumulation of air miles with every transaction. These miles can later be redeemed for flight tickets, upgrades, or other travel-related expenses.
  • Lounge access: Many top airline credit cards grant complimentary access to airport lounges, offering a haven of comfort and luxury during layovers.
  • Travel insurance: Enjoy peace of mind with travel insurance coverage provided by these credit cards, offering protection against unexpected events during your journey.
  • Priority boarding: Glide through the boarding process with priority boarding privileges, ensuring a smooth start to your travel.
  • Exclusive discounts: Avail special discounts and offers on flight bookings, hotel stays, and other travel-related expenses, making your journeys not only memorable but also economical.

How to apply for airline credit cards online?

Applying for an airline credit card is a breeze with the online application process. Follow these simple steps:

  • Research: Compare the top airline credit cards available in the market. Consider factors such as annual fees, interest rates, and the benefits offered.
  • Choose your card: Select the card that aligns with your travel preferences and financial requirements.
  • Online application: Visit the official website of the credit card issuer and fill out the online application form. Provide accurate information regarding your personal and financial details.
  • Document submission: Upload the necessary documents, which typically include proof of identity, address, and income.
  • Verification process: The credit card issuer will review your application and may contact you for additional information if needed.
  • Approval: Once your application is approved, your new airline credit card will be on its way to your doorstep.

Eligibility criteria for airline credit cards

While eligibility criteria may vary between credit card issuers, the general requirements include:

  • Minimum age of 21 years for salaried individuals and 25 years for self-employed individuals.
  • A good credit score, usually above 750. To be eligible for a co-brand credit card with airline lounge benefits, your income and credit score must be in accordance with issuing bank’s criteria.
  • Proof of stable income.

Documents required to apply for airline credit cards

The standard documents required for an airline credit card application include:

  • Proof of Identity: Passport, Aadhar card, driving license, or voter ID.
  • Proof of Address: Recent utility bills, rental agreement, or any government-issued address proof.
  • Income Proof: Salary slips, bank statements, or Income Tax Returns (ITR).

Rewards points on airline credit cards

Earning rewards points is the heart of an airline credit card. These points, often known as air miles or travel points, accumulate with every purchase. The more you spend, the more points you gather, transforming your everyday transactions into the currency of adventure. These points can be redeemed for flight tickets, hotel stays, and other travel-related expenses, making your journeys not only memorable but also cost-effective.

How to choose the best airline credit card?

Here's a quick guide on how to pick the best one for you:

  • Rewards programme: Opt for a card with a generous rewards programme. Consider if it aligns with your travel habits.
  • Sign-up bonus: Look for cards offering enticing welcome bonuses. These initial perks can kick-start your travel savings.
  • Airline partnerships: Check the airline partnerships associated with the card. More options mean greater flexibility in redeeming your rewards.
  • Annual fees: Evaluate the annual fees against the benefits offered. Ensure that the perks justify the cost.
  • Interest rates: Keep an eye on interest rates. A low interest rate can save you money if you carry a balance.
  • Travel insurance: Choose a card providing comprehensive travel insurance coverage for added peace of mind.
  • Foreign transaction fees: If you are a frequent international traveller, pick a card with minimal or no foreign transaction fees.

How to choose the best credit card for domestic travel?

Choosing the best credit card for domestic travel depends on various factors, including your spending habits and travel preferences. These cards often offer travel-related benefits such as airport lounge access, complimentary domestic flight tickets, and rewards on travel-related expenses. Consider factors like annual fees, reward programs, and specific travel perks to determine the card that aligns with your travel needs and financial preferences.

How to maximise the benefits of airline credit cards?

Airline credit cards offer a host of benefits to frequent travellers. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your airline credit card:

  • Use your rewards: Make sure to redeem your rewards on time. Rewards can include free flights, hotels, car rentals, and cashback. Keep an eye on your rewards balance and use them for your next trip.
  • Take advantage of perks: Many airline credit cards offer perks such as free checked bags, priority boarding, and airport lounge access. Use these benefits to make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Strategic spending: Concentrate your everyday expenses on the card to accumulate more miles or points. Every swipe counts.
  • Explore partner offers: Many cards have tie-ups with hotels, dining, and more. Make the most of these collaborations for extra perks.
  • Upgrade opportunities: Some cards offer upgrade options for flights or exclusive lounges. Check for eligibility and elevate your travel experience.
  • Stay informed: Be aware of limited-time promotions or special offers. Stay informed to seize opportunities for extra bonuses.


In conclusion, the best airline credit cards in India go beyond being a mere financial tool; they are your companions in the sky, opening doors to a world of travel perks and privileges. From exclusive lounge access to priority boarding and enticing discounts, these credit cards redefine the way we experience air travel.

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Frequently asked questions

Which is the best airline credit card?

Determining the best airline credit card depends on your travel preferences and spending habits. Evaluate factors like rewards programs, sign-up bonuses, annual fees, and airline partnerships to find the card that aligns with your needs.

Which is the easiest airline credit card to get?

Entry requirements vary, but some cards are designed for easier approval. Look for cards with lower credit score requirements and fewer eligibility hurdles. However, keep in mind that rewards and benefits may be more limited on such cards.

What is the credit score you need to apply for an airline credit card?

Generally, a good credit score (above 700) enhances your chances of approval. However, specific requirements vary among card issuers. Check with the respective airline credit card provider for their credit score criteria.

Do I have to be a frequent flyer to have an airline credit card?

No, being a frequent flyer is not mandatory. While some cards cater to frequent travellers, many offer rewards and perks that benefit occasional flyers too. Consider your travel habits and choose a card that suits your lifestyle.

Is getting an airline credit card difficult?

Approval depends on factors like your credit score, income, and credit history. While some cards have stringent eligibility criteria, others are more accessible. Research and choose a card aligned with your financial profile to increase your chances of approval.

Are credit card miles the same as regular airline miles?

No, credit card miles and airline miles differ. Credit card miles are usually a form of reward points earned through card spending, while airline miles are earned through actual flights. However, both can often be redeemed for travel-related benefits.

Do airline credit cards offer airport lounge access?

Many premium airline credit cards provide complimentary or discounted access to airport lounges. Check the specific card details to confirm if lounge access is part of the benefits. This perk is often available for frequent travellers.

Are there any annual charges on airline credit cards?

Yes, many airline credit cards have annual fees. The fees vary based on the card's features and benefits. Evaluate the perks against the annual fee to ensure it is a worthwhile investment for your travel needs. Some cards may offer fee waivers for the first year or other promotions.

Which credit card is best for booking flight tickets?

Various credit cards offer excellent benefits for flight tickets. Look for cards with travel rewards, air miles, or general-purpose rewards cards that allow you to redeem points for flights. Consider factors such as annual fees, rewards structure, and redemption options to find the best fit for your needs.

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