SuperCard as an EMI Card

A card that works like an EMI card and, of course, as a credit card.
SuperCard as an EMI Card
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25 Nov 2022

If you are one of our 30 million Insta EMI Card holders, you would know how an EMI Card works. This means, you would have already bought many things on this card. In most cases, many of you would also have a credit card. What if there was a card that combines the benefit of both cards into one? SuperCard – a credit card curated by Bajaj Finserv and RBL Bank does just that.
Quick refresh on how an EMI card works. Violet picks up a music system worth Rs. 50,000 from a store or online. She makes the payment through her EMI card, opting for a comfortable tenure of 60 months. Violet can now pay for her music system on monthly EMIs of Rs. 2,083, making it easy on her pocket.

SuperCard works precisely as an EMI Card

Our SuperCard also works like an EMI Card and offers all the unique benefits of a credit card. Using our SuperCard, you can buy anything worth Rs. 2,500 and convert the purchase into EMIs.
Additionally, the card comes with unequalled perks and significant rewards programs. You can use this SuperCard for everyday purchases and get many benefits. Enjoy privileges like airport lounge access, free movie tickets, cash back, occasional discounts, etc. Let us find out the benefits that you can enjoy with the SuperCard.

Welcome reward points:

Making the most of your credit card's initial benefits and earning reward points is a great way to get started with the rewards programme. When you initially get your credit card, you will get a welcome bonus of up to 4,000 reward points. You can avail this by spending Rs. 2,000 within 30 days from the day that you received the card.
For instance, if you receive your card on October 1 and spend Rs. 10,000 on rent, shopping, and groceries by October 30 using the card, you will get 4000 bonus reward points that you can use in the future for your desired shopping.

Annual fee waiver:

Most credit cards charge a yearly fee, which can add up to a large amount over time. Rent, dining out bills, and shopping costs totalling the mandated limit will help waive off the following year's yearly fee.

Milestone bonus:

If you have many expenses, the milestone bonus on our SuperCard will come in very handy. Put a yearly spend of the milestone amount on your SuperCard to earn milestone reward points and use them later for buying anything you wish for. The milestone amount differs for every variant.
In addition, you will also receive two gratis airport lounge visits per year. Moreover, when purchasing one movie ticket, you will receive a complimentary ticket.


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