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Personal Loan In Rajkot

Personal Loan in Rajkot: Features and Benefits

Rajkot is Gujarat’s fourth largest city and is home to several small-scale industries governed by the Gujarat State Financial Corporation (GSFC) and Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). The city has a thriving industrial belt manufacturing jewellery, silk embroidery, and more.

Bajaj Finserv offers personal loans in Rajkot to cater to the ever-growing needs of its citizens. Right from weddings and vacations to medical emergencies and home renovation, In Rajkot, you can easily obtain a Personal Loan at attractive interest rates.

  • Personal Loan

    Instant online approvals

    You can get an instant approval online after filling up the online application form, without having to visit a Bajaj Finserv branch or office.

  • Loan amounts up to Rs.25 lakh

    Bajaj Finserv helps you pursue bigger goals and aspirations without any hassles by providing personal loan up to Rs.25 lakh.

  • Pre-approved Offers

    Bajaj Finserv gives you several exclusive preapproved offers with a number of benefits.

  • Personal Loan

    Online account access

    You can log in to our digital customer portal with your account number and keep track of all necessary information like the payment schedule, interest certificate and repayment quite easily.

  • Personal Loan


    Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans are also available in Ahmedabad, Jamnagar and other cities of Gujarat. Visit our personal loan pages to get more information.

Personal Loan in Rajkot: Eligibility Criteria

Bajaj Finserv offers personal loans to salaried professionals based on certain eligibility criteria and there are a few necessary documents that have to be provided as well. To know more about personal loan eligibility and documents, you can click here.

Personal Loan in Rajkot: Fees and Charges

Bajaj Finserv offers low personal loan interest rates along with nominal fees and charges.