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Open Demat And Trading Account Online

A Demat Account holds financial securities such as shares, bonds, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), etc. in digital mode. Opening a Demat & Trading Account is the first step to start trading in the share market. Inflation depreciates the value of money lying idle over time. Investing in stock market provides a favourable opportunity to put the money to work and grow it in due course. Bajaj Financial Securities Limited offers you the option to open a free* Demat & Trading Account online

Features and benefits of BFSL demat Account

Opening Charges Free*
Brokerage Charges ₹ 0.99 / order*
Application Process Online within 15 minutes
Demat AMC Free
Trading Products Equity/Derivatives/MTF

Why open a Demat Account with BFSL?

  • It's free - With Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, you have an option to open Demat & Trading Account online for free*.
  • Start trading in minutes - The account opening process is simple, and you can complete it in less than 15 minutes. Keep your PAN card, address proof, and bank details handy. With our easy onboarding process, you can open your Demat Account and start trading in stock market.
  • Invest in multiple products - You can widen your investment portfolio by trading in various products, such as equities, equity derivatives, and mutual funds.
  • Affordable subscription packs - You get a host of benefits through affordable subscription plans to lower your brokerage and widen the portfolio of products you can trade-in.
  • Low brokerage - Bajaj Financial Securities Limited offers industry-wide low brokerage. With paid subscription plans, you can save up to 99%** of brokerage charges.
  • Swift trading platforms – You get a wide range of platforms to trade comfortably. Trade on the go with our mobile trading app available on android and iOS.
  • Trust of Bajaj Finserv - As a 100% subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, Bajaj Financial Securities Limited continues with the legacy of providing transparency and trust through value-driven product offerings.

How To Open A Demat Account Online

Opening Demat & Trading Account online with BFSL is simple, and you can complete it in less than 15 minutes. Our step by step process will help you sign-up with ease in the comfort of your home.

Procedure To Open A Demat Account:

  • Step 1. Visit the Demat and Trading Account opening form

  • Step 2. Basic Details: You will need to provide your basic details like Name, phone number, email id and PAN Number. PAN is essential for opening a Demat and Trading Account.

  • Step 3. Bank Details: Add details of the bank account which will be linked to your Demat and Trading Account. You will be able to transfer money between this Bank Account and the Trading Account.

  • Step 4. Choose Subscription Plan: You have the option to choose You can choose the free plan* or one of our affordable plans depending on the brokerage that you wish to avail. Be assured; each plan offers you value for money.

  • Step 5. Upload KYC Documents: For this step, keep the soft copies of your PAN card, cancelled cheque, address proof, and your signature handy. For address proof, you can use one of the following documents: Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport or Driving License.

  • Step 6. In-Person Verification: IPV (In-Person Verification) is required to verify your identity. In IPV, your video is required while reading aloud the script provided. You can record it directly on the recording window that will be provided or upload a pre-recorded video for the same.

  • Step 7. E-sign through Aadhar: You can review all the details entered and e-sign the form through your Aadhar number. Just enter the OTP sent to your Aadhar linked mobile number to validate. No paperwork needed.

Submit the application and sit back and relax. You will receive the login details for your Demat and Trading Account shortly, which you can use to login to your account and add funds from your bank account to start trading.

Where can I invest via BFSL Trading Account?
With a BFSL trading account you can invest in equities (Delivery and Intraday) and equity derivatives (Futures and Options).

What is the use of Demat Account

  • Store assets in digital form- A Demat Account eliminates the need to maintain physical certificates of the traded assets. You can store the shares and securities digitally in a Demat Account.

  • Necessary for online trading- Today, the entire ecosystem of stock trading has been digitized, and the stocks and securities are primarily traded in dematerialised form. It is only through a Demat Account, you can have a repository to store these assets and hence participate in online trading. 

  • Organized records, easy tracking- It helps you stay organized, as all your securities are stored online in one account. You can track your securities in real-time and keep a check on all the transactions, just like a bank passbook helps you check the bank transactions.

Demat Account FAQs

✔️ What is a Demat Account?

Demat Account holds the securities (shares, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.) in electronic form. Demat is abbreviation of Dematerialized, which means converting from physical to digital form.

✔️ How to open Demat Account online?

To open Demat Account online with Bajaj Financial Securities, follow these steps:
  1. Visit the Account Opening Form
  2. Enter your Name, PAN Number, Mobile number
  3. Just add your Personal & Bank Details
  4. Upload KYC documents, Proof of Address and Proof of Identity
  5. E-Sign the form through Aadhar linked mobile number

✔️ How to use Demat Account?

A Demat account is a repository where your stocks can be digitally stored and managed. In other words, a Demat (abbreviated form of dematerialisation) Account allows investors to hold shares and securities in the electronic format, with an aim of facilitating safe, easy and convenient trade for users.

✔️ How to open free Demat Account?

You can open free* Demat and Trading Account with Bajaj Financial Securities by choosing the Freedom Subscription Pack. It has zero AMC in the 1st year, Rs. 365+GST from 2nd Year onwards.

✔️ How to open Trading Account?

You can open a Trading Account in less than 15 minutes from the comfort of your home with Bajaj Financial Securities. All you need are - PAN Card, Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, Bank Proof, your signature and one photograph. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click here to open the Account opening form
  • Add the necessary details, PAN Number, Mobile Number, Address, Bank details, etc.
  • Upload the documents
  • E-sign the form and submit the application

You will receive the login and password post account activation.

✔️ What is the benefit of Demat Account?

Benefits of Demat Account:

  1. Safe storage of shares in digital form that cannot be tampered, stolen or lost
  2. Demat Account holds multiple investments like shares, bonds, mutual fund units, etc.
  3. c. Can be accessed from anywhere through login id and password
  4. Demat Account has the facility to add Nominee
  5. Share splits, Bonus shares, Dividends get automatically updated in the demat account

✔️ What are the documents required to open a Demat Account?

For opening a Demat & Trading Account with Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, you will need:

  • PAN card
  • Address proof (Passport, driving licence, voter ID, aadhar card, utility bill, or bank statement)
  • Passport size photo
  • Canceled cheque

✔️ What is a depository participant?

A depository is an institution that stores shares and securities in dematerialized form.  National Securities Depository Limited(NSDL) and Central Depository Service India Limited(CDSL) are the two depositories in India. The depositories, however, do not provide Demat Accounts.  To open a Demat Account, you need to approach a depository participant, like Bajaj Financial Securities Limited. Depository participants, which can be a brokerage firm or a bank, are the agents who help investors open a Demat Account and facilitate trade in the stock exchange. They act as intermediaries between the depository and the stock exchange.

✔️ What are the eligibility criteria for opening online Demat & Trading Account?

Any Indian individual above the age of 18 years can open an online Demat & Trading Account with BFSL. It is mandatory to have a PAN card, a bank account, and documents for identity and address proof.

✔️ What is the difference between Demat and Trading account?

A trading account is an investment account that holds securities, cash, and other holdings like any brokerage account. With a trading account, an investor can buy and sell assets as frequently as they want, that too within the same trading session
A demat account stores your securities such as share certificates in a digital format, whereas a trading account helps you place a buy or sell order in the stock market. Both Demat and Trading accounts are necessary for trading online in the stock exchange. With Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, and you can open Demat and Trading Account in a few easy steps and start trading online.

*Account opening is free through the Freedom Pack, with zero Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) in the 1st year & Rs. 365+GST from the 2nd year.


Investments in securities market are subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

Stock Broking services are provided by Bajaj Financial Securities Limited which is 100% subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited and registered with BSE Ltd. (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE). We collect, retain, and use your contact information for legitimate business purposes only, to contact you and to provide you information & latest updates regarding our products & services.

Attention Investors


Avoid unauthorized transactions in your Demat/Trading Account. Update your email Ids/ mobile numbers with your Depository Participant/stock brokers. Check information/ alerts of your all debit/ transaction and other important transactions in your Demat /Trading Account directly from NSDL/CDSL/ Exchange at the end of the day.

This notice is provided in the interest of the investors.

**99% savings calculated as brokerage of ₹10 (approx) charged in BFSL vs brokerage of ₹1000 calcuated at 0.10% on 5 buy & sell orders each of a volume of 2 lakh. Brokerage will not exceed the SEBI prescribed limit.

SEBI Registration No.: INZ000218931;BSE Cash/F&O (Member ID: 6706);NSE Cash/F&O (Member ID: 90177);DP registration No : IN-DP-418-2019;CDSL DP No.: 12088600;NSDL DP No. IN304300;AMFI Registration No.: ARN – 163403