Features of demat and trading account

  • Get demat and trading account at nil* charges

    Get demat and trading account at nil* charges

    Manage financial assets conveniently, cost-effectively and faster with reduced error and high safety and security.

  • Get started in just 15 minutes

    Get started in just 15 minutes

    Keep your PAN card, address proof, and bank details handy.

  • Invest in multiple products

    Invest in multiple products

    Choose from equities, equity derivatives, and mutual funds.

  • Affordable subscription plans

    Affordable subscription plans

    Avail of affordable subscription plans to trade-in.

  • Save up to 99%** brokerage charges

    Save up to 99%** brokerage charges

    BFSL offers industry-wide low brokerage.

  • Smooth trading platforms are available

    Smooth trading platforms are available

    Trade comfortably on our mobile app along with other options.

  • Get 100% subsidiary of BFL, BFSL

    Get 100% subsidiary of BFL, BFSL

    Value-driven products are offered with transparency and trust.

A demat account facilitates trading on digital mode. It is the first step to trading in the stock market, especially if you want to trade in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). With a demat account, you can start creating wealth by investing in commodities, equities, and mutual funds and growing over time, even during financial variables.

Bajaj Financial Securities Limited allows you to open the account for free and offers multiple trading options available in affordable subscription plans. BFSL provides a paperless and hassle-free account registration for smooth online trading.

A Demat Account holds financial securities such as shares, bonds, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), etc. in digital mode. Opening a Demat & Trading Account is the first step to start trading in the share market. Inflation depreciates the value of money lying idle over time. Investing in stock market provides a favourable opportunity to put the money to work and grow it in due course. Bajaj Financial Securities Limited offers you the option to open a free* Demat & Trading Account online.

Features and benefits of BFSL demat Account

Opening Charges


Brokerage Charges

Rs. 5/ order*

Application Process

Online within 15 minutes

Demat AMC


Trading Products

Equity/ Derivatives/ MTF

*Free account opening is through Freedom subscription pack, with zero annual subscription charge for the first year and Rs. 431 from the second year onwards. Demat AMC is zero.

**Conditions apply

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Why open a Demat Account with BFSL?

It's free

With Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, you have an option to open Demat & Trading Account online for free*.

Start trading in minutes

The account opening process is simple, and you can complete it in less than 15 minutes. Keep your PAN card, address proof, and bank details handy. With our easy onboarding process, you can open your Demat Account and start trading in stock market.

Invest in multiple products

You can widen your investment portfolio by trading in various products, such as equities, equity derivatives, and mutual funds.

Affordable subscription packs

You get a host of benefits through affordable subscription plans to lower your brokerage and widen the portfolio of products you can trade-in.

Low brokerage

Bajaj Financial Securities Limited offers industry-wide low brokerage. With paid subscription plans, you can save up to 99%** of brokerage charges.

Swift trading platforms

You get a wide range of platforms to trade comfortably. Trade on the go with our mobile trading app available on android and iOS.

Trust of Bajaj Finserv

As a 100% subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, Bajaj Financial Securities Limited continues with the legacy of providing transparency and trust through value-driven product offerings.

How to open a demat account

Here is a guide to open an account with BFSL

  1. 1 Click on ‘Open Account’ to visit our easy online form
  2. 2 Enter your basic details like name, phone number, email ID and PAN
  3. 3 Provide bank details that will be linked to the demat account for money transactions
  4. 4 Choose a subscription plan
  5. 5 Upload KYC documents - PAN card, cancelled cheque, address proof (Aadhar card, voter ID, passport or driving license) and your digital signature
  6. 6 Record a video of yours reading the script provided or upload a pre-recorded video for in-person verification
  7. 7 Review the details entered and e-sign the form; enter OTP to validate
  8. 8 Submit your application, and you will receive login details shortly
  9. 9 Add funds from your linked bank account to start trading

Where can I invest via BFSL account?

You can invest in equities (Delivery and Intraday) and equity derivatives (Futures and Options).

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Subscription plans of Bajaj Financial Securities Limited (BFSL)

To open a demat and trading account with Bajaj Financial Securities, you can sign up through one of the three subscription packs, each offering different brokerage rates.

Here are the details of all the demat and trading account charges associated with BFSL

Types of charges

Freedom pack

Professional pack

Bajaj Privilege Club

Yearly subscription charges

First year: Free

Second year onwards: Rs. 431

Rs. 2,500

Rs. 9,999

Demat AMC




Products included

Equity derivative



Margin trade financing



Margin trade financing

Brokerage rate

Equity delivery: 0.10%

Equity intraday and Futures and Options (F&O): Rs. 17/ order

Equity delivery and intraday and F&O: Rs. 10/ order

MTF interest rate: 12% per annum

Equity delivery, Intraday and F&O: Rs. 5/ order

One of the lowest MTF Interest Rates

Frequently asked questions

How to open a demat account online?

To open a demat account online with Bajaj Financial Securities, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Open Account
  2. Enter your name, PAN details and mobile number
  3. Add your personal and bank details
  4. Upload KYC documents such as address proof and identity proof
  5. E-sign the form through Aadhar linked mobile number
  6. Submit the application
How to use a demat account?

Register a demat account with a depository participant that acts as an agent and gives you access to the depository. There are two depositories; National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) and Central Securities Depository Ltd (CSDL). Once your account is created, you need to open a trading account to buy and sell the trades. A demat account is a repository where your stocks can be digitally stored and managed, whereas the trading account holds your funds. It aims to facilitate safe, easy and convenient trade for users.

How to open a free demat account?

You can open a demat and trading account at nil* charges with Bajaj Financial Securities by choosing the Freedom Subscription Pack, one of the three subscription packs offered by BFSL. It has nil Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for the first year. You will be charged Rs. 431 from the second year onwards.

How to open a trading account?

Open your trading account with Bajaj Financial Securities within a few minutes from the comfort of your home. The documents required are; PAN card, address proof, identity proof, bank details, your signature and one photograph. Here's what you need to do:

  • Click on 'Open Account' to access the form
  • Add the necessary details, PAN, mobile number, address, bank details, etc
  • Upload the required KYC documents
  • E-sign the form and submit the application

You will receive the login and password post account activation.

What is the benefit of a demat account?

Here are the benefits of a demat account:

  1. Safe storage of shares in digital form that cannot be tampered, stolen or lost
  2. Demat account holds multiple investments like shares, bonds, mutual fund units etc
  3. It can be accessed from anywhere by simply logging into the online account
  4. You can add a nominee
  5. Share splits, bonus shares, dividends get automatically updated in the demat account
What are the documents required to open a demat account?

For opening a demat and trading account with Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, you will need:

  • PAN card
  • Address proof (passport, driving licence, voter ID, Aadhar card, or bank statement)
  • Passport size photo
  • Cancelled cheque
What is a depository participant?

A depository participant helps the demat and trading account holder access the depositories. A depository is an institution that stores shares and securities in dematerialised form. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Service India Limited (CDSL) are the two depositories in India.

You need to open a demat account with a depository participant, like Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, to access these depositories. Depository participants can be a brokerage firm or a bank, basically who help investors open a demat account and facilitate trade in the stock exchange. They act as intermediaries between the depository and the stock exchange.

What are the eligibility criteria for opening online a demat and trading account?

Any Indian individual above 18 years can open an online demat and trading account with BFSL. It is mandatory to have a PAN card, a bank account, and documents for identity and address proof like Aadhar card, voter ID, passport or driving license.

What is the difference between a demat and a trading account?

A demat account holds a digital repository of shares, equities, bonds, etc., while a trading account has the funds used to trade in the share market. An investor can buy and sell assets as frequently as they want within the same trading session with a trading account.

Both demat and trading accounts are necessary for trading online in the stock exchange. With Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, you can open a demat and trading account in a few easy steps and start trading online.

What are the types of Demat account?

Let us look at the various types of Demat Accounts:

  • Regular Demat Account: This is only for Indian citizens, who reside in India.
  • Repatriable Demat Account: This type of Demat account is for Non-Resident Indians (NRI). Once a customer becomes NRI, they need to close their regular Demat account and open a Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) demat account along with Non-Resident External bank account, which is a must for Non-Resident Indians.
  • Non-Repatriable Demat Account: This is a Demat account for NRIs, however, the funds cannot be transferred abroad through this account. Users will also need a NRO bank account for this.
Can I open multiple Demat accounts?

Yes, you can open multiple Demat accounts, however, as per the rules you must link your PAN number with all the Demat accounts. Also, you cannot open multiple Demat accounts with the same Depository Participant (DP).

Can Demat Account be open jointly?

Yes, it is possible to open a joint Demat Account. There can be three members in one Demat account. One primary holder and two joint holders. However, a minor cannot be included in a joint Demat account.

Can Demat Account be transferred?

The shares in your Demat Account can be transferred to another person after completing the due process. You can also transfer your Demat Account from one broker to another.

Is Demat account compulsory to apply for an IPO in India?

It is not compulsory to have a Demat Account, however, once you get the IPO application, the shares will be added to your Demat Account. So yes, you will eventually require a Demat account, and it is advisable to open one before applying for an IPO.

Do I require a Demat account for SIP?

No, you do not require a Demat account for SIPs in Mutual Funds. You can opt for these SIPs without a Demat account through any asset management company, or your bank or other institutions who offer such services.

What are the types of securities one can hold in a Demat account?

A Demat account can hold almost all types of securities like, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Bonds, and Government Securities.

Can I hold mutual funds in a Demat account?

Yes, you can hold Mutual Funds in a Demat Account.

Can we withdraw money from the Demat account?

No, you cannot withdraw money from a Demat Account. All transactions will happen with your trading account linked to that Demat Account. The objective of the Demat Account is to just electronically store shares.

Can I apply for IPOs using a Demat Account?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO using your Demat Account. Online discount stockbrokers have made the process simple for investors if they have a Demat Account. You can apply in just a few clicks.

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