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Why EMI Network Card is a smarter way to shop on EMI

  • Highlights

  • Credit card EMIs have hidden costs

  • EMI cards levy no interest

  • Pre-approved loan of up to Rs.4 lakh on EMI cards

  • You don’t need to pay foreclosure charges on your EMI Card

The 21st century is all about convenience, ease, and entertainment. With millions of products available in the market,it’s hard to resist the urge to shop, and a credit card EMI is usually the fall back option. While these may seem like a boon when we wish to make a purchase, EMI cards offer a host of benefits that conventional credit cards don’t.

Credit Card EMIs

When you want to get your hands on a product, say the latest iPhone, it’s extremely attractive to opt for an EMI option on your credit card, that lets you pay in installments over an extended period. However, because of the interest and processing fee, you pay a lot more than the actual price of the product.

You don’t need to let this stop you from making your purchases though. Be financially smart and opt for a better solution to fulfill your desires. An EMI card is just that.

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EMI Card

An EMI card is essentially a pre-approved loan. It allots you a certain amount of money that you can utilize to make instant purchases and repay conveniently in monthly installments. However, the most distinguishing part of an EMI card is that there is no interest charged. The installments you make are interest-free unlike those made on credit cards.

Make all your purchases with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network - Check your offer

The Bajaj Finserv Benefit

Bajaj Finserv offers a pre-approved loan of up to Rs.4 lakh on EMI card, which has an instant approval without any formalities. The tenor of the loan is flexible, ranging from 3 to 24 months. You can choose the tenor that best suits your needs and repayment capacity. Additionally, pre-approved offers are available on other loans and financial services from Bajaj Finserv, too. Just fill-in a fewdetails, and get your exclusive pre-approved offer.

Benefits of shopping on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store

Applying for the EMI card

You can apply through the online customer portal if you’re an existing customer and are eligible for the EMI card. You simply have to make an online payment of Rs.399 and you will receive the EMI card within two weeks.

You can apply for an EMI card offline when you purchase gadgets, electronics, or lifestyle products on easy EMIs, through any of the partner stores on the EMI network of Bajaj Finserv.

Thus, with the EMI card you can buy what you want when you want, without having to pay extra in terms of interest fees.

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