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How to make a credit card payment by cheque

  • Highlights

  • Issuers offer several options for credit card payment

  • Pay credit card bills on time to build your credit score

  • Note charges and clearance time when paying by cheque

  • Pay bills via the issuer’s app for more convenience

Paying your credit card bill in full and on time allows you to keep interest and penalties at bay. Thus, by paying your bills diligently month after month, you can keep your finances in good health and use your credit card to boost your credit score. In turn, this helps improve your chances of getting approval for credit in the future.

To encourage you to pay your credit card dues on time, issuers allow you to pay through several modes like NEFT, NACH, Bill Desk, cheque, and cash. Read on for more information on how to pay your credit card bills via cheque.

Paying credit card bills by cheque

Here are the steps to make credit card payment through Cheque

  • Visit a branch of the bank where you have an account

  • In the deposit slip, fill out the following details:

    • 16-digit credit card number

    • Name of the credit card holder

    • Cheque details like name of the bank, cheque number and amount

    • Depositor’s contact number

  • Attach this slip to the cheque and deposit it in a cheque payment machine or simply slip it into the drop box at your bank’s branch or ATM.

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It is always best to read the cheque payment procedures and guidelines specific to your issuer to ensure you have written the information correctly. Note that the time taken for cheque clearance varies from one financial institution to another, and also on other factors. So keep the turnaround time in mind when making a cheque payment to ensure that you don’t cross the deadline. Also, note that banks may levy a clearance fee depending on the amount, and you will also have to bear bounce charges, if any.

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Merits of credit card payment via cheque

- This is a great option if you don’t have access to the internet or online banking.
- Unlike other online payment modes like IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS, there is no limit on the amount that you can pay

To avoid incurring charges on cheque payments and to eliminate standing in long queues, pay your credit card bills via the issuer’s mobile app. Many credit card issuers offer this facility for seamless bill payment. For instance, you can pay the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard bill via the RBL MyCard application. Since it is always accessible, you can pay your bill in moments, from anywhere, and stay on top of your finances. Further, you can also manage your credit card’s security and view your credit card statement via this app. To register, send an SMS with ‘MyCard’ to 5607011 or download it from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

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To enjoy this extremely convenient payment option and other beneficial features of the SuperCard, apply for one without any delay. The SuperCard is one of the best credit cards you can get your hands on and offers an opportunity to save up to Rs.55,000 annually. You can also enjoy 50-day, interest-free cash withdrawals, a 90-day, interest-free personal loan and convert purchases of Rs.3,000 or more into easy EMIs.

Check your pre-approved credit card offer to view your personalised deal and expedite approval. All you have to do is submit basic details like your name and contact number to get started.

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