AnyROR Gujarat

Check your land records online, apply for certified copies, and understand the significance of AnyROR.
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AnyROR Gujarat
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02 August 2023

AnyROR Gujarat is an online portal launched by the Revenue Department of the Government of Gujarat, India. "AnyROR" stands for "Any Record of Rights Anywhere," and the portal aims to provide easy access to digital land records. You can view and verify land ownership details, access mutation reports, and obtain information about agricultural and Khata details. The portal offers district-wise information and is designed to enhance transparency, reduce paperwork, and prevent fraud in land-related transactions.

Objective of the AnyROR Gujarat portal

The primary objectives of the AnyROR Gujarat portal include:



Easy accessibility

Make it easy for people to find land records online, so they can check them easily from anywhere.

Digitalisation of land records

Move land records from paper to computer, which makes things faster and easier, without so much paperwork.


Show everything clearly, so everyone can understand what's happening with land records.

Prevention of fraud

Stop people from doing bad things with land records by having one good place where all the information is real.

Convenience for citizens

Let people look at land records without having to go to government offices, which saves time and effort.

Record verification

Help people make sure the information about who owns land and other details is correct.

Reduction in disputes

Help solve problems about land by giving clear and true information that everyone can trust.

Online services

Give people ways to do things related to land records on the internet, like finding out about properties and checking who owns them.

AnyROR online application process

AnyROR Gujarat offers online applications for various land-related services. You can follow a step-by-step guide on the portal to use these services seamlessly.

To access the AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 document, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official AnyROR website.
  2. On the website, you will see three options: Rural land records, urban land records, and property search.
  3. To find the 7/12 Utara Gujarat document, provide the following details:
    1. Survey number or nondh number or owner name or entry list by month year
    2. District
    3. City survey office
    4. Ward
    5. Survey number
    6. Sheet number

How to check land records on AnyROR Gujarat

Follow the below steps to check land records on AnyROR Gujarat:

  1. Visit the official AnyROR Gujarat website:
  2. Choose the type of land record you need (e.g., 7/12, 8A, VF6)
  3. Select the district, taluka, village, and survey number
  4. Enter the captcha code for verification
  5. Click ‘Get Details’ or ‘View Land Record’
  6. Review and download the land record as needed

Always check the website for any updates or changes to the process.

Do I need to check land records to avail a home loan

Yes, it is advisable to check land records when applying for a home loan. Lenders typically require a clear title to the property as collateral for the loan. By reviewing land records, you can ensure that the property is free from any legal disputes, encumbrances, or ownership issues, making it eligible for a home loan. This helps protect both the lender and the borrower's interests in the property.

Terms used in AnyROR Gujarat

AnyROR Gujarat, an online platform for accessing land records in the state, uses various terms and codes to describe different aspects of land records and related information. Here are some common terms and their meanings:



7/12 or Satbara Utara

Record of land ownership, including landowner's name, land type, and area.


Provides details about land revenue, cultivation, and crops, especially for agricultural land.


Village form containing landownership and other land-related details at the village level.


Administrative region within the state, used for land record management.

Taluka (Tehsil)

Sub-district within a district, used for land record classification.


Specific locality within a taluka where the land is located.

Survey number (Khasra number)

Unique identification number for each piece of land, allowing precise identification.

Captcha code

Security measure requiring users to enter characters or numbers to prove they are not bots.

Record of Rights (RoR)

Document providing comprehensive land information, including ownership, type, and area.

Mutation entry

Process of updating land records due to changes in ownership like sale, inheritance, or partition.

Land revenue

Amount paid by landowners to the government for land use.

Encumbrance Certificate

Document certifying that property's title is free from monetary or legal liabilities.

Land type

Classification of land based on its use, such as agricultural, residential, commercial, or industrial.

Property Identification Number (PIN)

Unique number assigned to each property for easy identification.

Land area

Size of the land, usually measured in square meters, hectares, or acres.

Landowner's name

Name of the person or entity registered as the land owner.

These are some of the key terms and concepts used in AnyROR Gujarat for accessing and understanding land records in the state. Familiarising yourself with these terms can be helpful when using the platform to retrieve land-related information.

Importance of AnyROR Gujarat

AnyROR Gujarat provides instant access to land records, which assists farmers and landowners in making informed decisions regarding their property.

  1. Instant access to land records: AnyROR Gujarat enables instant access to land records, eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices. Users can quickly retrieve essential information like land ownership details and survey numbers with just a few clicks.
  2. Informed decision-making: With AnyROR, farmers and landowners can make well-informed decisions about their property. They can verify land records, check for encumbrances, and ensure the accuracy of ownership details, aiding them in making crucial decisions related to their land.
  3. Hassle-free land verification: The portal streamlines the process of land verification. Previously time-consuming and complex tasks like obtaining 7/12 Utara (Record of Rights) or certified copies of land records can now be done through AnyROR Gujarat.
  4. Transparency and efficiency: By digitising land records, AnyROR Gujarat enhances transparency in land-related transactions. The digitised records are readily available for scrutiny, ensuring a more efficient and accountable land management system.
  5. Empowering citizens: AnyROR gives citizens direct access to their land records, making them active participants in the management of their properties.
  6. Time-saving: Landowners don't have to wait for days or weeks to obtain crucial land documents. Quick and efficient access to land records saves time.
  7. Improved land transactions: AnyROR simplifies land transactions by providing quick verification of ownership details and property information.

AnyROR Gujarat helps with seamless access to rural land records, promoting transparency and efficiency in land-related processes. AnyROR Gujarat is a valuable tool for landowners, farmers, and citizens seeking land-related information.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the types of land records?

Different types of land records include 7/12 Utara, 8A Utara, property cards, and village forms. These records provide comprehensive information about land ownership, rights, and survey details.

How do land records help us?

Land records help in verifying land ownership, planning land-related transactions, resolving disputes, and supporting agricultural practices.

How to check rural land records online on AnyROR Gujarat portal?

Visit the AnyROR Gujarat portal, enter relevant details like survey number or landowner's name, and access rural land records online.

How to check urban land records online on AnyROR Gujarat portal?

You can check the urban land records by entering essential details such as property number or owner's name on the AnyROR Gujarat portal.

How to search property records (ROR) online on Gujarat?

For property record searches, you can visit the AnyROR Gujarat portal, enter property details, and retrieve the relevant records.

How does AnyROR work?

AnyROR Gujarat operates as an online portal facilitating easy access to land records. Users can register on the platform, search for land records, and verify document authenticity. The portal provides tools for generating mutation reports, accessing details like 8A and VF6 entries, and categorizes information district-wise. Regular updates and maintenance ensure accuracy. For specific details or assistance, users are advised to visit the official AnyROR Gujarat portal or contact relevant government authorities.

Why should I use AnyROR?

Using AnyROR Gujarat provides convenient online access to land records, saving time and effort. The platform allows verification of records, generates mutation reports, and offers access to specific entries like 8A and VF6. It enhances transparency, reduces fraud, and contributes to the avoidance of land-related disputes. Regular updates ensure accurate and current information, making it a valuable tool for property owners and the general public.

What industries or sectors can benefit from AnyROR?

AnyROR Gujarat can benefit a diverse range of industries and sectors, including real estate, agriculture, government, legal services, financial institutions, survey and land development, property owners, insurance companies, and urban planning. The platform's online access to land records facilitates streamlined processes, transparency, and informed decision-making across various stakeholders.

What is 7/12 Utara?

7/12 Utara, also known as Saat Baara Utara, is a legal document with all the information about land in Maharashtra.

What is 8A Utara?

8A Utara is the land record document which consists of all the information of the land records. This information includes ownership details, location details, land details, and more.

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