10X Plus Signature SuperCard

Get 20X accelerated cash points, 40% discount on Zomato, Hotstar, Prime Video, free airport lounge access, and more.
10X Plus Signature SuperCard
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25 Nov 2022

Most of us carry a credit card these days, or some wish to get one. The multipurpose usage of credit cards and its unique perks have attracted people to own multiple credit cards. It is used widely for small transactions like restaurant bills, shopping, and flight to hotel bookings. Credit cards offer unique benefits, hefty welcome rewards, extra points on monthly spending, cashback, and more such saver benefits. Every credit card has some or the other perks.

Think about entertainment and travel, max savings and rewards, cashback, and health benefits; the DBS Bank 10X Plus Signature SuperCard has everything.

Here are some illustrations of the benefits of the 10X Plus Signature SuperCard.

Travel benefits:

When Nupur got this credit card, she knew she had made the right choice. A globetrotter, Nupur uses her DBS Bank 10X Plus Signature SuperCard to pay for her flight tickets and hotel bookings. By doing this, she earned 20X rewards points, which she could use to book her flight for the next trip. That is not all. Nupur also used this credit card to access the international airport lounge and relax in luxury while she waited before boarding her flight.

This credit card allows access to 2 domestic lounges every 3 months, and 2 international lounges yearly. Nupur also saves Rs. 200 every month, thanks to this card's fuel surcharge waiver.

Discounts on OTT platforms:

Rounak is a movie buff like many of us. Whenever there is a new show or a movie on OTT, he ensures to watch it with his friends. With the card’s elaborate offers on subscriptions, he gets a 40% discount of up to 12,000 cash points in a year. He can subscribe to multiple platforms like Hotstar, Prime Video, Gaana.com and save some money too.

Welcome bonus:

We all enjoy anything that comes complimentary, and it gets even better when it is a significant amount. This card offers a whopping 20,000 reward points. Some cards offer the same but mandate minimum spending to earn points. With this card, you do not have to worry about spending the points instantly.

Interest-free cash withdrawal:

Using this card, you are free to withdraw money whenever it is most convenient for you. You will not have to pay an additional interest fee and you can repay in 50 days.

Cashback on shopping:

If you are a shopaholic, you can earn fantastic cashbacks. You can avail of 5% cashback on the down payment of any purchase from the Bajaj Mall or Bajaj Finserv offline partner stores.

Emergency Cash:

It is unnecessary to get a personal loan if you require some quick cash. Use your 10X Plus Signature Credit Card instead, and rather than withdrawing cash from it, turn the available credit into a personal loan. You can do so for up to 3 months if you pay an interest rate of 1.16% per month. And that too without any processing fee.

Now you know the benefits of using the DBS Bank 10X Plus Signature Credit Card. You should get one for yourself right away. Click on the ‘apply now’ link below and be a proud owner of this feature-rich card.

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