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Tips That Help You Save Money When Renovating Your Home

  • Highlights

  • Shop online to enjoy low prices

  • Refurbish old furniture & décor to minimise spending

  • Sell items instead of discarding them to manage your budget

  • Avoid structural changes to keep your budget on track

Home renovation doesn’t just mean fixing faulty plumbing or repairing the roof. Instead, it helps make your home more comfortable and beautiful. While renovating, you may end up spending a lot more than you had anticipated, as even the small costs add up. Besides, you might give into temptation occasionally, without realising its impact on your budget. So, if you’re taking on the task of renovating by yourself, taking a personal loan is a good way to finance your activities, without adding a burden to your wallet. In addition, you can follow these tips to ensure that your renovation project doesn’t drain your finances.

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Shop Online During Sales and Use Digital Wallet

Whether it is furniture, furnishings, décor pieces or accessories for your home, shop online to benefit from sales, discounts, and limited period offers. Besides, you also get the advantage of browsing the collections of several brands in one place. You can also pay using digital wallets to enjoy cashbacks and rewards. Shopping online is also convenient as it saves time and offers doorstep delivery.

Make Use of What You Already Have Wherever You Can

Before buying new upholstery or furniture, evaluate the condition of your existing pieces. Refurbishing items like sofas and chairs is an economical option and is likely to cost you less too. For example, you can get an old sofa reupholstered in a dramatic new fabric and get the wooden sideboards either replaced or polished for a new look. But, before you proceed, compare the cost of remodelling versus buying and then proceed accordingly.

Sell What You Don’t Use Instead of Throwing it Away

In case you find that reusing existing items isn’t viable or doesn’t fit in with the new décor that you have in mind, then sell them, instead of throwing away items. You can sell furniture and appliances online or to a local recycler. Not only will you be able to de-clutter, you will also be able to earn a tidy sum.

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Make Structural Changes with Careful Thought

Home renovations are affordable if you are simply giving the interiors a makeover. But, if you’re planning major renovations, such as changing the layout of the rooms or changing the wiring and plumbing, your costs will increase significantly. Apart from materials, you will also have to spend on labour and experts. So, for example, if adding new windows and changing the layout of your bathroom are part of your plan, it is wise to take a moment to reassess your renovation. To keep your budget on track, you can either renovate just one or two rooms instead of the entire house, or you can carry out structural repairs now and re-do the interiors later.

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Spend on Details that Make Big Impact

When you are bound by a budget, look for effective and affordable ways to renovate and remodel your house. For instance, don’t hire an interior decorator. Instead, manage the renovation by yourself. Also, instead of buying several décor items, invest in a few statement pieces, create a focal point by painting a wall with a different colour or mount several family photographs in a cluster. You can also invest in good lighting and items such as carpets to reinvent spaces without spending on too many elements. Similarly, buy furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, but also has built-in storage. This way you can combine beauty with utility and enjoy two benefits with one purchase.

With a little planning and smart shopping, you can renovate your home to keep up with your taste without exceeding your budget.

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