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Boost Your Engineering Business with Robotics 2.0

  • Highlights

  • Increased productivity

  • Safer environment

  • Improved customer service

  • Customisable to perform complex operations

The manufacturing industry has been using robots to help with their processes for decades. Programmed to perform one task repetitively and perfectly, these robots allowed manufacturers to produce goods faster and cheaper. In fact, traditional industrial robots are still the bestselling segment of robotics, with 3,00,000 industrial robots, worth about USD 12 billion, being sold in 2016-17.

Now, however, there has come a generation of smarter, more flexible, and mobile robots, that can provide a multitude of manufacturing services. They can fly, navigate routes, and even work in light-out situations.

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How robotics 2.0 boosts manufacturing?

1. Increased productivity

Robots can automate many of the tasks in a manufacturing facility, improving both efficiency and accuracy. This in turn improves productivity. Take for example, assembling of cars. Today, they are assembled by robots (as opposed to humans earlier), making the process much faster and more accurate. Also, they can be programmed to operate in light-out situations to work non-stop, 24x7.

2. Satisfied and safer workers

There is a belief that robots will replace workers. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Instead of workers treading in dangerous and hazardous territories, they can be engaged in operating these robots. This will boost safety and in all probability, happiness of workers.

3. Improved customer service

With robots in business, the chances of error come down significantly which results in enhanced production and quick delivery of products. It would also help in restocking without much hassles. Additionally, if these robots are connected, they may even be able to predict customer needs and work accordingly. All of these improve customer service and satisfaction.

Robots will change operations in the coming days

It will not be wrong to say that robots will change business operations in the coming days. Robots are adaptable and can survive in the harshest of environments without trouble. They can be customised to perform even the most complex functions thereby boosting productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing business and taking it to the next level.

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