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Hybrid Flexi Personal Loan EMI Calculator


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*The values displayed above are indicative. For details of actual calculation, refer to your statement of account.

Hybrid Flexi Loan FAQs

How to use the Hybrid Flexi Personal Loan EMI Calculator:

1. Enter the amount for the personal loan you want to avail

2. Select the loan tenor required from the drop down, the initial tenor and subsequent tenor will be populated automatically

3. Select the rate of interest offered

4. Under the Enter your Transactions section:

  • Select the loan start date
  • Select the month and year of transaction before you enter the part-payment or withdrawal amount
  • Click on the + sign to add transactions (part-payment or Withdraw)
  • Your first transaction will always be a part-payment
As this is an illustrative monthly calculator, you cannot process a transaction In the month of disbursal.
Also in this illustrative monthly calculator, only 1 transaction can be processed in a month.

5. Once all the information is updated, your repayment schedule will be populated

*If you wish to calculate your day-wise interest , please click here

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