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Features and benefits

No multiple applications

Just withdraw money from your loan account and transfer it to your bank.

Only interest as EMI

Choose to pay only interest as EMI, which reduces EMI amount by up to 45%.

Free part-prepayment

Part-prepay your personal Loan whenever you have surplus funds, without any extra charge.

Multiple withdrawals

Multiple withdrawals, without any additional documentation or charges.

Online Transactions

Withdraw and part-prepay funds through the online customer portal, Experia.

Interest charged daily

Interest charged on a daily basis, as per amount utilized at the end of the day.

How to apply


Click here to go to our online form. Fill all the details and submit the form.


To get an instant approval, select your required loan amount and tenor.


Our representative will get in touch with you to collect the required documents.


The money will be credited to your loan account.


Withdraw the funds you need and transfer them to your bank account within 2 hours.


SMS “SOL” to 9773633633 OR give a missed call on 9211175555


• You should be between 25 to 55 years old.
• You should be a salaried employee of either an MNC, public, or private company.
• You should be an Indian citizen residing in any of the 150 cities mentioned at this link.


Keep these documents at hand

  • KYC documents
  • Salary slips of the last 2 months
  • Salary account bank statement of the last 3 months
  • Employee ID card

Wondering why a Flexi Loan is better than a Term Loan?

Here’s a quick comparison between a Term Loan, a Flexi Loan and a Flexi Loan with an option to pay only interest as EMIs

Loan Sanction Amount: 10,00,000 | Amount Utilized: 5,00,000 | Rate of Interest: 15% | Tenor: 5 years

  • Term Loan
    Flexi Loan
    Flexi Loan-Interest Only
  • Rs.23,790 EMI
    Rs.13,550 EMI
    Rs.7,500 EMI
  • 285,480 Annual Cash Outflow
    162,600 Annual Cash Outflow
    90,000 Annual Cash Outflow
  • 0 Annual Savings
    122,880 Annual Savings
    195,480 Annual Savings
Term Vs. Flexi

Term Loan – The sanctioned amount is disbursed in full.
Flexi Loans – The sanctioned amount is assigned to your loan account. Borrow just as much as you need from it.

Fees & Charges

Term Loan – Interest is charged on the full amount.
Flexi Loans – Interest is charged only on the utilized amount.


Term Loan – EMI = Interest + Principal.
Flexi Loans – Opt to pay only interest as your EMI. Repay principal at the end of the loan tenor.

All you need to know about our Flexi Loan in under 3 minutes

Borrow when you need and pre-pay when you can from a single pre-approved loan limit. That too, in an instant.