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What is the Difference Between Co-Borrower and Co-Signer

Individuals who fail to meet the eligibility requirements for an unsecured personal loan may opt to apply with a co-signer or co-borrower. This helps the application get processed more easily.

Nonetheless, there is a difference between the terms - ‘co-borrower’ or ‘co-signer.’

Who is Co-Signer?

A co-signer is an individual who signs a personal loan application and agrees to take on the repayment liability if the borrower fails to settle the debt on his/her own.

Availing a personal loan becomes much easier with a co-signer because the person acts as a security to the lender and mitigates the risk of defaulting. Furthermore, with an eligible loan co-signer in place, an applicant with low credit score also stands the chance to avail of a higher loan amount and optimise the entire borrowing experience.

Nonetheless, the role of co-signers must not be confused with co-borrowers.

What is the Difference Between a Loan Co-Signer and Co-Borrower?

A co-borrower is a person who shoulders equal responsibility in repaying the personal loan amount availed. They are co-owners of the credits availed and share EMI payments, loan proceeds and enjoy tax benefits, if any.
Conversely, in the case of a personal loan with a co-signer, the concerned individual has to repay the loan amount only during defaults. Thus, he/she takes up the responsibility of loan repayment without any right to the asset or benefits of ownership.
The role of co-signers is similar to that of guarantors, aiding applicants increase their chances of availing unsecured credits. Like a guarantor, the co-signer also ensures repayment of the availed loan, in case the primary applicant defaults.

Is it Possible to Apply for a Personal Loan with a Co-Signer?

If an applicant is deemed a risky borrower, he/she can apply for a personal loan with a co-signer to increase creditworthiness.
However, consider these few factors in relation to having a co-signer before proceeding –

  • This person shares equal responsibility in loan repayment.
  • The co-signer’s name cannot be removed from the loan until the time it is paid off.
  • Failing to repay the personal loan will also reflect on a co-signer’s credit report.

Proceed to apply for the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan with co-signers only after considering these above few factors. Subsequently, check the eligibility parameters laid down for a co-signer and apply with one who fulfils them in order to avoid rejection of your application.

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