Get complete healthcare coverage with the Health EMI Network Card

Pay all your medical expenses in EMIs. Covers hospital room upgrades, dietician consultation, cosmetic treatments, and sessions with a psychiatrist and more.
Health EMI Network Card
5 minutes
01 April 2024

In recent years, the need for comprehensive health insurance coverage has become evident, prompting us to be more cautious about preparing for unplanned medical emergencies and ensuring our loved ones are protected. However, traditional health insurance policies often have exclusions that can lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Coverage gaps: Common exclusions from insurance policies

Insurance policies typically cover the cost of medical treatments, but there are certain expenses that may not be included, leaving patients to bear these costs on their own. Some of the common exclusions include:

  1. Room upgrades: While insurance policies cover the cost of a standard room in a hospital, upgrading to a premium room for added comfort incurs additional expenses that are not usually covered unless you opt for a higher premium.
  2. Dietician consultations: Extended hospital stays may necessitate consultations with a dietician for a speedy recovery. However, the cost of these consultations is often excluded from core medical expenses.
  3. Psychologist sessions: Patients with prolonged illnesses may require regular counselling sessions with a psychiatrist/psychologist, which may not be covered by insurance.

Health EMI Network Card: Bridging the gap

The Health EMI Network Card offers a comprehensive solution to cover the expenses that traditional insurance may not. It allows you to settle additional medical expenses easily, ensuring you have access to the best possible healthcare without financial worries. Suppose your additional medical expenses amount to Rs. 4 lakh. At the time of discharge, you can use your insurance to pay off the bills and convert the remaining amount into manageable EMIs for a period up to 38 months using the Health EMI Network Card.

The Health EMI Network Card can be used at over 5,500 healthcare centres across 1,000 towns, providing you with access to quality healthcare facilities when you need them the most. You can make multiple payments on EMIs until you exhaust your amount limit, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

While having suitable health insurance coverage is crucial, the Health EMI Network Card acts as a valuable financial resource, offering peace of mind for unforeseen medical expenses that may not be covered under traditional insurance plans.


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