Complete healthcare coverage with HEMI Card

Pay all your medical expenses in EMIs. Be it hospital room upgrades, dietician consultation, cosmetic treatments, or sessions with psychiatrist, pay all your medical bills with Health EMI Network Card.
Complete healthcare coverage with HEMI Card
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28 Sep 2022

The last few years have highlighted the need for comprehensive health insurance coverage for ourselves and our family members. This has made us more mindful about the illness covered under our insurance policy and prepares for unplanned medical emergencies. Rightly so, a good insurance policy must cover critical health conditions, pre-hospitalisations, and expenses.

We have multiple health insurances plans available on Our range of plans covers family plans, critical illness plans, accident covers, top-ups and more. We have recently launched Pocket Insurance. Below is the list of some of our best-selling plans:

Aditya Birla Group Activ Health Plan

The plan offers a cashless treatment facility at 6,000+ network hospitals nominated by Aditya Birla Insurance. It covers chronic illnesses like asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. It also covers pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses and ambulance charges of up to Rs. 2,500. Plus, you can also avail of 527 day-care procedures under this policy.

ManipalCigna ProHealth Retail Plan

This health insurance policy covers the treatment facilities at multiple hospitals nominated by the company. It covers most expenses, including room rent, ICU (intensive care unit), nursing, and care cost. The plan also covers doctor consultation fee, surgery cost, oxygen costs, and other medical expenses. Additionally, the policy gives coverage for modern treatment methods, enteral feeding expenses, HIV, and related illnesses. You can get your pre- and post-hospitalisation care covered under the policy. Plus, you can also avail of 500 day-care procedures under this policy.

Aditya Birla Activ Assure Diamond Health Plan

The insurance is unique because of the coverage that it offers. It covers new-age treatments such as robotic surgeries, oral chemotherapy, balloon sinuplasty, and hospitalisation expense. It also covers COVID-19 treatment and procedures, bariatric surgery, and hospitalisation expenses. Additionally, you can use it for 586 listed day-care procedures.

All health insurance policies help you cover medical expenses and ensure that your savings are not disturbed. However, there are a lot of exclusions that you may end up paying for. In such cases, it is best to have a backup plan for medical emergencies.

Here is a list of some of the exclusions that can cost you a lot.

Room upgrades: Most insurance policies cover a standard room's cost. Who does not want to make things comfortable for their near and dear in such times? Sometimes, small things can make a lot of differences, for example, upgrading to a premium room. The cost difference between a premium room and a standard room is not covered by most insurance policies. These costs may be covered under a substantially higher premium.

Dietician consultation: In case of extended long stays, a patient needs to consult a dietician for a speedy recovery. Most insurance policies do not cover the consultation charge for the dietician since this does not fall under the core category of medical expenses.

Sessions with the psychiatrist: At times, some patients with prolonged illness suffer from clinical depression and need regular counselling sessions besides their medical treatment. Again, these treatments may be excluded from insurance covers.

So, while you are covered under health insurance, one could argue that you are not fully covered. Our Health EMI Network Card (HEMI) takes care of all such worries.

Let us say all the above expenses could potentially come to Rs. 2 lakh. At the time of discharge, one could settle the expenses covered by the insurance and settle the bill using HEMI card. The card helps you convert it into monthly EMIs for a tenure of 3 months - 24 months.

This takes care of all the medical expenses,

Cosmetic care has recently become quite popular. With many people across multiple cities opting for elective procedures, health insurance covers none of these treatments. Some of the elective procedures include; skin treatments, scar treatment, Botox, etc.,

For that matter, look at what happened with Mr Gupta from Rampur. When Mr Gupta's son went for LASIK surgery to get rid of his glasses, they assumed his health insurance covers LASIK surgery. But upon digging up information, they were surprised to know that his insurance does not cover the cost of this surgery.

HEMI ensures that all our customers have easy access to funds whenever needed for procedures like LASIK and other cosmetic care treatments.

You can use the HEMI card at 5,500+ healthcare centres in 1,000+ towns and pay multiple times on EMIs until you exhaust your amount limit.

In essence, we must carry a suitable insurance cover as per our needs and have the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Card. Stay stress-free and stay healthy.


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