Health Card in India

Bajaj Finserv Health Card Hospital List

Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card hospital list in India

You can use your Digital Health EMI Network Card in more than 5,500 partner hospitals, clinics or medical institutions. Here is a list of some of our key partners:

• Apollo Pharmacy
• Medlife

• Apollo Sugar Clinics
• Metropolis Labs
• Suburban
• Indus Healthcare

Dental care:
• Apollo Dental
• Clove Dental
• Sabka Dentist
• Partha Dental

Beauty and cosmetics:
• Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic

Types of Treatments Covered Under Health EMI Network Card

With the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card, you can avail over 800 medical treatments on No Cost EMIs. Here’s a list of a few of them.

- General surgery
- Diagnostic care
- Bariatric surgery
- Cardiac surgery
- Vascular surgery
- Stem-cell treatments
- Oncology treatments
- Urology treatments
- Orthopedics treatments
- Ophthalmology treatments
- Homeopathy treatments
- Pulmonology
- Obstetrics and Gynecology
- Maternity care
- IVF treatments
- Plastic surgery
- Hair transplantation
- Cosmetic treatments
- Hair treatments
- Slimming treatments
- Dental care
- ENT treatments
- Hearing aids equipment

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