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When Should You Take a Personal Loan?

When it comes to choosing one funding option over the other, borrowers often get confused. The choice of loan critically depends on whether a person wants to or can provide collateral to avail the credit or not. While secured loans require you to mortgage your property to avail the funds, unsecured loans like a personal loan are available without any security.

You may, thus, avail the same against minimum eligibility criteria & documents. However, as personal loans come with no restriction on usage of funds, it is essential to know when you should avail this loan. Knowing the same helps in managing your finances properly and you may be able to use the funds optimally.

Know When to Choose a Personal Loan:

  • When You Have Multiple Debts to Consolidate
    Consolidation of multiple debts into one reduces the hassle of managing several credits. It also reduces the EMI burden as you have to pay only one EMI instead of many. Hence, debt consolidation is one of the reasons you should choose a personal loan.
    Avail the same at attractive rate of interests with Bajaj Finserv and repay in easy EMIs.
  • If You Need Funds For Home Improvement
    Personal loan for home improvement is also one of the reasons why you can opt for this credit. Home renovation requires hefty funds, which may stress a person’s finances. Hence, availing personal loan meet the cost of home improvement without straining your income or exhausting your savings.
  • To Finance High-End Marriage Expenses
    Avail this personal credit in the form of a marriage loan to meet big-ticket expenses involved in marriages.
  • When You Plan To Travel Abroad
    You may also avail it as a travel loan to fulfil your travelling plans in India or overseas.
    Meet the necessary eligibility criteria and know how to apply for the loan, to proceed further with your application and avail the same.

Did you know, a good CIBIL score can help you get a better deal on loans and credit cards?