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Planning your living room renovation? Top 4 questions you need to ask

  • Highlights

  • Determine how you will go about the renovation

  • Know what you want to retain

  • Understand your space

  • Calculate the cost of renovation

Living rooms are the most tricky, yet the most fun places to furnish, as they incorporate everyone’s needs and styles and there are no set patterns or prerequisites.

Moreover, living rooms evolve with you. So, when your partner moves in with you, or you need to make your living space baby-proof, or you want to accommodate an art studio into your living room, you’ll need a revamp.

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However, before you start undoing your old space, ask the following questions:

Why are you revamping?

Determining why you need a renovation is an important question to ask yourself. Whether you are bored of the space or your requirements have changed or it is a combination of both, will determine how you will go about with the renovation.

What to retain?

With most people, there are certain things that they would probably retain even while considering a complete remodeling. Be sure to know what those things are in your case.

For example, if you do not want to get rid of your recliner or your wooden table, plan the revamp around those things. Buying new furniture that does not go with the look of your old one can be a total disaster.

Even if you plan to completely remodel the space, up-cycling can be a real money-saver. Just paint your old cupboard in a quirky color or add new cushioning to the sofa-bed and it will look as good as new.

Know your space

Ask yourself whether you are revamping to get rid of the clutter, or to add space, or to utilise the free space better. This will help you decide everything, from the choice of the colors of the wall to the size of the furnishings. The worst thing you can do is to buy amazing furniture that simply does not fit your space.

Calculate your expenses

When renovating any space you need to be very clear about your expenses, and living rooms are no exception. Ask yourself how much renovation does the room require. Know how much money you are comfortable spending and how much you have at your disposal. Think about how you are going to arrange for the surplus cost, if you do not have the entire amount. All these questions need to be answered well in advance.

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