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Moderate your fuel expenses by using a credit card at a petrol pump

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  • Fuel prices have risen after the elections

  • You can use a credit card at petrol pumps to lower bills

  • Choose petrol cards offering fuel surcharge waiver

  • Apply for a card that you can use at multiple fuel stations

There are many direct and indirect factors that influence fuel prices like fluctuation in crude oil prices, the performance of the rupee, global trade wars, and more. Post the last phase of polling for the Lok Sabha elections, prices of both petrol and diesel have been increased by 8–16 paisa in most cities of the country. In fact, experts believe that this be the beginning of an upward trend in fuel prices. If these prices have you worried, remember that you can use your credit card at petrol pumps to reduce your fuel bills.

Wondering how can we use a credit card at petrol pump to bring down the cost? The answer to this question is simple: get a petrol card that offers additional benefits on fuel spends be it through cashback, fuel surcharge waiver or higher reward points. Since you can redeem these reward points to pay for fuel in the future, you can save a tidy sum, especially if you use your vehicle on a daily basis.

However, when choosing the best petrol pump credit card, look for the following attributes to accelerate savings.

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Annual fees

Petrol card issuers charge significant annual fees for the benefits that they offer. However, you can enjoy a waiver on spending a minimum amount through the credit card, during the year. Therefore, when comparing petrol cards, look for ones that have a lower minimum spend requirement.

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Fuel surcharge waiver

Each time you use a petrol card to pay for fuel, you have to pay a surcharge. However, to encourage you to transact using a petrol card, issuers waive off these fees. Typically, the fuel surcharge is around 1% to 3% of the transaction amount, and so each time you pay for fuel using the card, you can save this amount. Bear in mind that this is capped at a certain amount per month and you can’t claim a waiver beyond this limit.

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Covered fuel stations

In order to offer petrol card benefits like fuel surcharge waiver and reward points, issuers tie up with a number of fuel companies. So each time you refill your fuel tank at a partner fuel station, you can earn rewards as per your issuer’s terms and conditions. To enjoy maximum benefits, apply for a petrol card that allows you to continue fueling up at the stations you frequently visit.

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Redemption of reward points

Additionally, ensure that your issuer allows you to pay for fuel in the future via accumulated reward points. This way you will be able to maximise savings on fuel.

Apart from these perks, look for other features and benefits in order to boost savings and convenience. For instance, pick the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard for feature-rich experience. Get up to 20,000 reward points as a welcome gift and also save up to Rs.55,000 in a year. Moreover, this card gives you interest-free, emergency loans for up to 90 days and interest-free ATM withdrawals for up to 50 days. So wait no more and check your pre-approved credit card offer to use tailor-made deals for instant access to a credit card.

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