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25 May 2021

When used wisely, a credit card boosts your purchasing power and helps you maximise savings. This contradicts the common misconception about credit cards being bad for you, as your usage determines your credit card experience. So if you’re wondering how to get a feature-packed credit card, start by learning about the stringent eligibility criteria that can impact your application’s approval.

If you’re new to credit or have been irresponsible with it in the past, then you may not be eligible to apply for a traditional credit card. However, you can obtain a secured credit card that serves a similar purpose and has a higher chance of approval. This credit card is designed to help you learn how to manage credit or rebuild your credit score. Read on to know more about it.

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What is a secured credit card?

Credit card companies issue this type of credit card only against collateral. Typically, issuers sanction a credit card in your name against investments, such as a credit card against FD, while banks may issue one against the savings account you hold with them.

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Here, the amount you maintain as savings or have invested determines the credit limit you will be able to use. While simply offering collateral does not guarantee approval, it certainly aids your application

Now that you understand what a secured credit card is, take a look at its features.

Features of a secured credit card

Accepted in-store and online

When it comes to making purchases, a secured credit card is no different from its unsecured counterpart. It is widely accepted at most stores and is suitable for online purchases too. However, it is especially important to monitor the amount you spend as defaulting on payments will cost you your collateral.

Carry high annual percentage rates

Due to the fact that a secured credit card is mainly issued to those who have a low credit score, it carries a higher risk from the issuer’s point of view. To put it into perspective, note how regular, unsecured credit cards are also issued at a high rate to those with a less-than-ideal credit score. Thus, it’s no surprise that secured cards come with heftier operational fees.

May not offer the same benefits as unsecured cards

While a secured credit card functions like a traditional credit card, it may not offer you the same add-on benefits. This is because the rewards are given to you in lieu of your creditworthiness.

Aid in the transition to an unsecured credit card

A secured credit card is best used to build your credit score. Since you need to make periodic payments to clear the balance, it counts as credit repayment. As a result, these payments help you improve your eligibility for an unsecured credit card over time.

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Once you build your credit score, transition to a feature-rich unsecured credit card such as the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. Apart from being one of India’s best international credit cards, it gives you the power of 4 cards in 1. You get access to some of the best offers on entertainment, travel and leisure, purchases and can earn reward points on every transaction. Furthermore, this credit card also doubles up as an EMI card, letting you split any purchase over Rs. 2,500 into easy EMIs.

When you’re contemplating how to get a credit card, remember to check your offer from Bajaj Finserv to see the customised deal you are eligible for. This can get access to the SuperCard even faster!

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