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How the Doctor Referral Programme is a win-win for both you and your doctor friend

Bajaj Finserv’s Doctor Referral Programme allows you, as a member of the medical community, to introduce another doctor to the many benefits of taking a Bajaj Finserv Loan for Doctors. You can refer as many friends, family members or colleagues who are practicing doctors as you want and earn rewards with each successful referral you make!

What’s on offer when you participate in the Doctor Referral Programme?

You have a chance to win two exciting rewards when you invite another medical practitioner to apply for a Doctor Loan. You get your first reward when the referred doctor submits the loan application form and matches the loan’s eligibility criteria. At this stage, you get a reward of Rs.300 in the form of an Amazon voucher. Then, once the loan is disbursed to your friend, you get another Amazon voucher, but this time, worth Rs.3,000.

Why Bajaj Finserv’s Loans for Doctors is the most preferred financing option for doctors

Offering convenience and affordability, Bajaj Finserv’s Loan for Doctors is a tailor-made solution for medical practitioners and isan easy and a fast way for you and your friends to finance personal or professional needs. This loan offers a suite of four loans: unsecured loans like personal loans and business loans, and secured loans like home loans and loans against property.
Without the need for any collateral, a personal loan can be used to finance a wedding, home renovations, medical treatment, or a vacation, whereas a business loan can be used for upgrading your practice’s medical equipment or billing software, improving your clinic’s interiors, or maintaining a positive cash flow.
You can get yourself a new home with a Bajaj Finserv Home Loan for Doctors with value-added services like property search assistance, property dossier and customised insurance schemes or take a loan against property and fund any big-ticket purchases like buying new clinic premises, paying for your child’s overseas education, or buying a second home.
Here are the key benefits that these loans offer.

Flexi Loan facility

With this suite of loans, your friends can manage funds flexibly and more affordably. They can withdraw multiple times from the total Flexi Loanlimit as and when the need arises and pay interest only on what they use. An EMI can also be repaid before its due date as and when they have extra funds on them, that too, at no extra cost.They can also choose to pay interest-only EMIs, and repay the principal at the end of the tenor, to better manage their cash flow even better.

High loan amount with a long tenor

Unsecured loans (personal loan and business loan) offer you up to Rs.35 lakh as a loan. For secured loans (home loan and loan against property), the amount can go as high as Rs.2 crore. Unsecured loans have a comfortable repayment period of 12 to 96 months, and secured loans have a tenor of up to 240 months.

Easy eligibility and minimal documentation requirements

These loans have simple eligibility criteria as they take into account your professional degree and experience. You submit basic documents like KYC documents, financial documents and your Medical Registration Certificate and in some cases, you must own a house or clinic.

Quick disbursal

The biggest benefit of this loan is that it caters to your financial needs quickly. You get funds in your account as soon as 24 hours for unsecured loans and approvals in 24 hours for secured loans.

Get funds on the go

Your friends can apply for this loan online and monitor all details relating to their loan account online too!
Packed with features for your friends and perks for you, participating in the Doctor Referral Programme is truly a win-win for both of you!

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