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Go backpacking across New Zealand under 6 lakh

  • Highlights

  • The diverse landscapes of New Zealand may be the perfect destination for your international trip

  • Make your trip more economical with some east tips

  • Be it a relaxed break on the beach or a thrill-seeking getaway, New Zealand has something for everyone

From white sandy beaches, high snow-capped mountains to thrilling rapids and placid lakes, New Zealand is a country of varied landscapes. This makes it a perfect vacation destination for everyone, regardless of their interests. You can indulge in natural spa therapies, shop for Maori artefacts, go on long drives or try bungee jumping and sky diving.

Here’s how you can make your trip to New Zealand and back in under Rs.6 lakh.

Be smart about airfare

The best way to get a good deal on flight tickets is to plan in advance. The more in advance you can book your tickets, the cheaper they will be. If you can set up price alerts on airline ticket aggregators, you will be able to book tickets when the price is the lowest. For example, if you are planning a trip to New Zealand next May, now would be a good time to scout for the best air tickets. Round trip tickets on Air New Zealand will cost you Rs.70,000 if you book immediately.

Cut down your staying costs

A simple way to save more is to pick your hotel wisely. Private rooms cost upwards of 80 NZD, or Rs.3,500 per night. But, if you choose to stay in a hostel, the cost would be around 40 NZD, or Rs.1,800. Another excellent option is skipping a hotel and picking an Airbnb. You can get a sharing room at around 25 NZD or Rs.1,000, which is as affordable as it gets! Also, some hotels charge you for the range of amenities that they offer. But, if you're going to be out and about the entire day, you just need a basic room to rest and relax. So, pick a hotel that gets the job done affordably, instead of splurging on a luxurious hotel.

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Get food and drinks at affordable prices

Eating outside is generally expensive. A restaurant meal with drinks and table service can cost around 40 NZD, or Rs.1,800 per person. But, if you want to try local flavours, eat at cafés, delis and small neighbourhood restaurants. If all else fails, visit a Burger King or McDonald's outlet. Here, food will cost you anywhere between 8–16 NZD, which is around Rs.350–700. As far as drinks go, backpacker bars have happy hours that offer drinks that are as cheap as 5 NZD or Rs.200. Another alternative is cooking your own meals. This is especially exciting if you like living the way the locals do at your hostel or Airbnb. Groceries can be bought at reasonable supermarkets like Countdown or PAKn’SAVE.

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Explore New Zealand’s majestic sights

1) Walk to get a feel of New Zealand: Explore the country by foot and save some money by opting for free walking tours across the country. A few to name are Auckland Free Walking Tour or WellyWalks Limited in Wellington.

2) Pack your days with adventure in Queenstown If you want a taste of bungy jumping or skydiving, this is the place to be! A bungy jump over the Nevis River will cost around Rs.6500. The destination also offers amazing restaurants and some of the best nightlife in New Zealand.

3) Relax by the Bay of Islands: The region has the best sites for whale and dolphin watching, swimming, boating, sampling seafood and of course, relaxing by the waters. A whale watching tour starts from around Rs.4,000 per person.

4) Walk through the Abel Tasman National Park: Located in South Island, this national park has turquoise blue water, warm temperatures and dense jungles. You can sign up for sea kayaking and multi-day hiking trails. Although entry to the park is free, you may be charged based on the activity of your choice.

5) Stop and smell the roses at Wellington Botanic Gardens: This is one of the most popular and beautiful gardens in the country. It has a rose garden, an international plant collection, a vast tract of native forest and a landscaped area. Besides, it has sculptures, a duck pond, a café, and lots more.

6) Get outdoors in Kaikoura: This coastal town is set in the peninsula. It is an excellent place to enjoy the mountain view while spotting majestic oceanic creatures. It has museum, the Maori Leap Cave (a limestone cave) and a handful of historical sites to visit.

7) Experience the Waitomo Glowworm Caves: Imagine going through a cave in pitch darkness except for the warm light emitted by glowworms. You can float down the river, jump into waterfalls or simply soak in the starry sky. The boat tours usually cost Rs.4500 per person, and are cheaper when you club various tours together.

Overall, the budget for a New Zealand holiday that is packed with good food and excellent recreational activities will come up to around Rs.2.5 lakh per person or Rs.5 lakh for a couple. Rather than deplete your savings, simply use a personal loan for travel to fund your trip. When you follow these tips and plan your holiday down to the last detail, a vacation to New Zealand on a budget is easy to accomplish.

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