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  • Purchasing requisite equipment

  • Expanding into avenues

  • Fuelling working capital

  • Improving infrastructure

Say you started off your engineering firm with a small and highly-efficient team. Now, your growing reputation is bringing you more clients. To cater to them, you must expand and have a presence in other cities. To do this, you will need to grow your dependency on technology, increase your talent pool and factor in higher overhead costs. So, executing this plan will need good funding. Instead of using your current income, you can avail a tailor-made loan for engineers. Fast, easy, and convenient, an Engineer Loan has all the features and benefits you need to grow your business to new areas.

This is how you can use an engineer loan to support your business.

For machinery, equipment or software purchase that improves productivity

Engineering firms extensively use machinery to carry out precise operations, decrease the time taken to complete tasks and improve efficiency. For example, a manufacturing engineer firm may require material handling equipment, robotic tools and computer networks to perform top-notch work.

Since purchasing, leasing or repairing high-end machinery, equipment and even software can be too expense to finance through business funds, you can take an engineer loan to fund such needs. This will help you stand out from the competition and also increase profits.

For diversification activities that increase your revenue

To cater to demand in a related sector or to increase your earnings when your current field is not yielding sufficient opportunity, you can diversify. For example, an IT engineering company that provides CRM solutions can move to creating software for tax filing or medical billing and thus increase revenue. Diversification requires finances related to new hires, marketing, a larger office space, all of which can be financed through an engineer loan.

For fuelling your firm’s working capital to carry on daily operations

Sometimes, an engineering business can be cost-heavy, needing sufficient inventory, have a higher power consumption due to use of machinery or require skilled manpower. While you cannot make late payments in this regard, your customers may delay payments, which may affect your firm’s smooth operation. So, you can access working capital via an engineer loan to ensure that the daily running of your business goes without a hitch.

For improving infrastructure

Building infrastructure for a new shed or improving the current involves a lot of planning and fast decision-making. For example, you will have to put down a deposit for a new office space, invest in the building, its painting and lighting, setting up the IT infrastructure, etc. This will require heavy investment, which can be easily met with a loan for engineers. Use this loan amount as a growth fund, and pick a repayment tenor based on your current and potential income.

Engineer Loan | Features and Benefits

Eilgibility for an Engineer Loan

Factoring in your engineering degree, a Loan for Engineers is easy to qualify for.

To support your business activities, an Engineer Loan gives you:

Quick approvals and disbursal of cash
1. A flexi loan facility to meet unpredictable needs
2. Comfortable repayment with a long tenor
3. Easy online application and loan management
So, if now is the right time to grow your engineer business, don’t let a lack of funds come in the way. Use a loan for engineers to make the most of this opportunity.

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