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Design your dream home, finance it with a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

  • Highlights

  • Finance your home decoration plans with a personal loan

  • You can transform either a single room or your entire home

  • The loan is convenient and comes has a flexi loan facility

  • You can avail a personal loan for as much as Rs.25 lakh

If your home's remodelling has been in the works for a while, you're sure to need adequate funds to do justice to the plan that you have drawn up. You can simply rely on a customised home renovation loan, such as Bajaj Finserv's Personal Loan for Home Renovation.

Rich in features and extremely affordable, this loan will allow you to execute your plan without making a compromise. You can also check out pre-approved offers customised for you by Bajaj Finserv. This helps you save time and avail instant financing. Take a look at how you can use this loan to design your dream home.

Transform your kitchen with ample funds

There are many ways through which you can transform your kitchen. For instance, you may buy smart appliances that improve efficiency, create a kitchen island to add to the counter-top space, invest in an energy-efficient cooking range and exhaust system.

To meet these expenses, you can make use of Bajaj Finserv’s Home Renovation Loan as it offers you a high loan amount of up to Rs.25 lakh.

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Renovate your bathroom without delay with a quick sanction

Consider renovating your bathroom to make it a luxurious, relaxing space. While renovating, ensure that you invest in fans and an exhaust to keep the room dry and hygienic. Add a high-end shower system or a bathtub to enhance the utility of your bathroom and upgrade it. You can also add a chest of drawers or a mid-size cupboard to store extra towels and toiletries.

Bajaj Finserv disburses the loan amount within 24 hours of approval, so you can rely on this loan even if you have drawn up your home renovation plans at the last moment.

Repurpose a spare room and finance it with a Flexi Loan facility

If you have a spare bedroom, you can consider converting it into a home library. Invest in quality wooden bookcases and add recliner chairs or wingback chairs to create a reading nook. Similarly, you can convert the room into a recreation space if you choose to. Equip it with a home theatre system, comfortable lounge chairs and a projector to turn it into a home theatre. Alternatively, swap the home theatre system for a gaming console if you’re an avid video game enthusiast.

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Even if you make additions to your plan as you go, you don’t have to face any hassles when you choose Bajaj Finserv’s Flexi Loan facility. Here, you can withdraw amounts in parts from the total home improvement loan as and when the need arises. The best part is that you have to pay interest only on the amount that you use. Besides, you can choose to pay interest-only EMIs and repay the principal at the end of the tenor. So, you can pay for last-minute additional expenses without a pinch, and pay interest only on what you actually use, rather than on the whole amount.

Give your home a quick refresh and repay comfortably

If you want to make smaller, but equally impactful changes, you can do so too. For instance, you may have the appliances and furniture that you need, but you simply want to uplift the look of your home. In such a situation, you can consider painting your home, retiling the floors, changing the upholstery, or adding new lighting such as lamps and chandeliers.

Not only can you avail the sum that you need to make these changes with a home improvement loan, you can do so without worrying about repayment. You can choose a flexible tenor of 24–60 months, as per your financial situation, and repay the loan conveniently.

This home renovation loan is the best option to finance your renovation project as it is sure to make the experience more comfortable. Before you apply, check your eligibility using an eligibility calculator to ensure that you are a good fit for a home renovation loan to make your dream home a reality.

DISCLAIMER: The personal loan features mentioned in this article are subject to change, based on policy revisions. For the updated product details, please visit the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan page here.


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