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 7 travel hacks that can save your time money and space

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From packing your suitcase efficiently to saving on expenses, a little planning your trip easy, more fun, and economical. Here are some hacks that will help you traverse airports, save money on cancellations, and discover hotel discounts with ease. With these 7 tips, you'll be able to save time, and cut unnecessary expenditure.

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Make flight bookings lighter on your pocket

When you begin your flight search for your vacation, make sure that you switch to the incognito mode on your browser. The reason for this rather simple. When you browse hotel and flight tickets online, the sites you visit store your browsing details. Travel agents and these sites use this as a means to hike prices of hotels or flights, once they establish your interest.

Book an overnight flight

Choosing a night flight has several advantages. Firstly, it expedites checking-in at the airport, as there are fewer people around. Also, if you are travelling through different time zones, you are more likely to reach your destination in the morning. Not only does this give you more vacation time, it will also help you fight jet lag.

Pack smartly to maximise utilisation of space

There are four simple packing hacks that you can use to save space in your suitcase and make room for all the souvenirs from your vacation.
-Start off by placing small items such as your socks in your shoes and then place them in your suitcase. Similarly, all fragile items can be wrapped with socks or T-shirts to prevent them from breaking.
-Rolling clothes such as T-shirts, instead of folding them, will help you save space. Moreover, this way of packing them prevents wrinkles and creases too! -Important cables such as your mobile charger, earphones, etc. will fit snugly in a sunglasses case. Not only does this prevent knotting, it also keeps your carry-on case compact and organised.
-Lastly, don’t forget to carry laundry bags to organise dirty clothes and shoes in your suitcase. This way, you won't risk dirtying the other items in your luggage.

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Use maps to your advantage

Before you travel to your destination, always download a map of the city on your smartphone. By doing so, the GPRS on your phone will function without consuming precious mobile data. A downloaded map will help you explore unfamiliar territories with greater ease.

Snack economically

Food on flights and at the airport can be expensive and far from satisfying. A solution to this is carrying your own in-flight snacks. Carry cornflakes or muesli with nuts and dried fruit as a healthy snack that you can eat with ease. If you want a more comforting meal, sandwiches always do the trick. This will help you save your money with the added advantage of eating healthy.

Stop spending on water

At airports and in foreign countries, water is the most over-priced commodity. Carry a small empty bottle along with you instead. Make sure that it is empty before you pass the security checkpoint. Afterwards, you can re-fill the empty bottle as many times as you'd like from water fountains and your hotel.

Make car and hotel bookings wisely

Make sure that you mention your flight number at the time of booking a rental car. This will help the car agency stay updated with your flight information. You won't have to coordinate with them in case your flight is delayed or rescheduled. To book hotels that are a great value for money, make use of websites that provide you all the necessary information. From photographs, amenities, rates, and reviews – you must have information on every aspect.

Instead of dipping into your savings,a personal loan for travel with its easy EMI options can be a convenient way to pay for your vacation. Moreover, with our handy list of hacks by your side, you can assure yourself a smooth and hassle-free journey the next time you travel!

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