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7 tips and tricks to help save money while planning a wedding

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  • Use one venue for all events

  • Opt for minimal decor and invitations

  • Shop for clothes and jewellery during sale season

  • Go for e-invites instead of physical cards

Planning a wedding to the very last detail is quite a demanding task, moreso when you are trying to stay within a budget. With the venue and decor on one side, and bridal jewellery and trousseau on the other, it’s not hard to see the expenses stack up. While you can cut costs in some places with smart planning, others will require sufficient finances. To make funding a wedding easier and stress-free, you can opt for a loan against property. This secured option offers funds up to Rs.3.5 crore, while giving you a flexible repayment tenor and a nominal interest rate to make repayment more comfortable. You can avail the loan to pay for all the wedding-related costs.
As you begin planning for that grand family wedding, here are 7 tips and tricks that will help you save money.

1) Choose the right venue and use it for all events

The wedding venue is often one of the biggest expenses of the entire wedding. Since a wedding typically has numerous functions, it is a good idea to fix one venue for all of them. By doing so, you can negotiate huge discounts forthe venue. This also helps to save on transportation costs for all the guests. While choosing a venue, go for a location on the outskirts of town as that would cost substantially less than a grand 5-star hotel in the city centre. Also, make sure that the venue is naturally beautiful, so that you can save additional money on wedding decor.

2) Go for minimal decor and invitations

With the trend veering towards minimalism, ‘less is more’ applies to wedding decor and invitations. Personalised invites, e-invites, or a wedding video are the norm these days, which cost a fixed amount to make and then can be sent across to as many people as desired. Printing, dispatch, and courier costs are also eliminated when you harness the power of technology.Similarly, wedding decor is seeing a mega-revival of sorts with novel ideas like gota-patti decor, fairy lights decor,DIY décor, etc.

3) Limit the food choices, but ensure what’s served is great

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, then go for Indian cuisine, because international cuisine can bump up the catering costs by several notches. Limit the number of items that you are serving but at the same time, spare no effort to ensure that they are as great as possible.

4) Plan to tie the knot during the off-season

Hotels, resorts, banquet halls offer massive discounts during the off-season. So, it may be an excellent idea to save money and get hitched during this time. Plus, if you can schedule your wedding on a week-day instead of a weekend, then you can even save more.

5) Plan in advance and shop during the sale season

Last-minute shopping is always expensive. So, if you’re planning ahead for your wedding, start shopping during the sale season for your wedding trousseau and jewellery. You will not only save big, but also get ample time to try and think about all the items instead of rushing and buying them at the last minute. Many jewellers often offer cashbacks or zero-percent making charges on jewellery so, keep an eye out for such deals.

6) Researchwell for services like photography and hair and makeup

Wedding photography has become a big business these days and it costs lakhs of rupees to hire a good photographer. However, if you know a freelancer or a small-time photographer who does a great job, you can hire them for your wedding. Do check out their work and other credentials before hiring. Similarly, for hair, makeup and DJ, you can also hire good, credible freelancers.

7) Curtail the guest list

Currently, the norm is to have a small wedding with only family and close friends. This way, the host can save on costs and also make the wedding a more intimate event, in which everyone can enjoy to the maximum without worrying about the logistics.
In order to make your child’s wedding special, you are sure to go the extra mile. Do all you can to make it exceptional but keep these tips in mind to keep the cost affordable and the entire wedding hassle-free for yourself.

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