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5 reasons how automation aces quality control of your engineering business

  • Highlights

  • Reduce production of defective units

  • Manage incidences swiftly

  • Implement change without compromising on quality

  • Meet global product safety standards

Throughout the world, a growing number of businesses are opting to automate their production process to meet quality standards, reduce defects, and increase production efficiency. However, most MSMEs in India prefer manual quality control measures over automation due to a high initial investment cost involved. With a Bajaj Finserv Engineer Loans, you can easily invest in automating your operations, without worrying of the cost involved. Low interest rates, quick disbursal and a hassle-free application process, makes these loans the best-suited for your engineering business needs. Pre-approved loan offers further simplify the process of availing finance, as you get capital without the wait. Just enter your details and check out your offer here.

Here’s why your firm should invest in automating its manufacturing processes.

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1. Reduced errors

Automated quality control methods enable you to error-proof the manufacturing process, thereby reducing corrective costs and production of defective units. Automation ensures early detection of defects, while also identifying, analyzing, documenting and preventing the occurrence of similar defects in the future. The most popular means to reduce errors is implementing machine vision. Typically, machine vision systems are priced at Rs.3 lakh/unit.

2. Resolve issues faster

Cater to process issues before they become a recurrent event with automation. This not only reduces costs but also ensures quality management. Incident management tools enable you to identify and manage undesirable events while reducing time to resolution. Incident management software can be implemented at Rs.6,605/agent/month. If you have a team of 15 quality managers, the investment needed would be at least Rs.12 lakh. Bajaj Finserv Engineer Loans up to Rs.15 lakh helps you fund all such expenses.

3. Better change management

Throughout the life cycle of a product, it is subject to multiple changes. Manufacturing businesses require to be well-suited to incorporate these changes, while maintaining the desired quality across all processes to gain a competitive advantage over other players. Invest in quality automated change management software with room for flexibility, necessary for adapting to changing customer needs and trends while reducing product recall.

4. Continuous risk reduction

The manufacturing industry is prone to various risks ranging from adulteration, incomplete project design to cybersecurity. Preventive controls to reduce risks requires engineering firms to analyze past discrepancies and design and implement a specific set of rules. Automating the manufacturing process enables you to meet operational efficiency, ensure worker safety, minimize cybersecurity threats and engage in secured material movement thereby increasing the overall productivity of the firm. Automation also enables you to tend to undesirable occurrences swiftly and also prevent similar incidences in the future.

5. Ensure product safety

As per Indian laws and regulations, businesses operating in India have to ensure the products manufactured are not defective or damaged thereby causing injury to any consumer or property. While most Indian businesses trusted distributors and suppliers to ensure product safety which often fails to meet the quality standards. Indian consumers are gradually swaying towards international brands flooding the market with superior goods. Implementing third party product safety automation tools can help you achieve global product safety standards thereby creating a unique positioning in the consumer’s mindset.

Automation surely benefits your firm in many ways. However, to derive maximum advantage from automating your operations, you need to ensure the process is extremely accurate, delivers process-related insights and has ample room for control.

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