How to make credit card payments through NEFT?

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24 Apr 2021

Making credit card payments through NEFT is simple and quick. While there are multiple methods for paying your credit card bills, paying through NEFT is the quickest if you are comfortable with online banking. You can either use the mobile banking app or visit your bank’s website for NEFT payments.

Steps to Pay Credit Card bill using NEFT
  1. Visit the website of the credit card issuer to make payment for your credit card bill
  2. Log in to your account with your user ID and password
  3. Add your credit card issuer’s beneficiary details and add yourself as a payee
    For instance, when making the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Credit Card NEFT payment, you will have to add your name and the credit card number under payee details.
  4. Provide the IFSC number specific to the branch of your card issuer
  5. Enter the amount you want to pay towards your credit card bill
  6. Verify the payment via OTP sent to your registered mobile number

Once the payment is complete, a message of successful payment will be displayed on the screen. A message of confirmation is also sent to your mobile number and email.

For credit card users, the beneficiary details for making the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card payment through NEFT are as follows:

  • Name of the payee – Your name as it is mentioned on your credit card
  • Account number of the payee – The 16-digit number mentioned on your credit card
  • Name of the bank – RBL Bank
  • Location of the bank branch – NOC Goregaon, Mumbai

Why Make Credit Card Payments Through NEFT

  • It offers easy access anywhere and anytime
  • Payments are done instantly
  • The credit accounts are credited immediately

Payments made post working hours thought NEFT are credited on the next business day. It is advisable to make payments within banking hours to avoid any penalties and this will boost your CIBIL Score too.

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FAQ questions

Can I pay the credit card bill through NEFT?

Amongst many other repayment methods, paying your credit bills through NEFT is easy and quick. You can use your mobile banking app or internet banking for an NEFT payment.

What are the benefits of paying the credit card bill via NEFT?

Paying through NEFT is easy, quick, and effective. The credit is done instantly on your credit account letting you be stress-free.

How long will it take for the transaction to be processed via NEFT?

NEFT payments usually take 1 business working day. Though it may vary from bank to bank.

Can I use internet banking to pay the credit card bill via NEFT?

Yes, you can use internet banking or mobile banking app for paying credit card bills through NEFT.

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