Earn Cashback on Credit Card Spends

Maximise your finances and earn as you spend with our attractive cashback offers.
Earn Cashback on Credit Card Spends
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14th Aug 2023

Credit cards have recently revolutionised the world of financial transactions. Transactions are now simple and convenient thanks to these little plastic wonders. However, credit cards have evolved to give cardholders a variety of advantages and perks outside of their core functions. The idea of reward or cashback is one of the most well-liked and appealing advantages.

Credit cards and rewards in India

The concept of credit cards is not new to India. Over the years, they have grown from being a luxury for a few to a necessity for many. While credit cards primarily serve as a convenient method of payment, they have also become a gateway to a world of perks and rewards. These rewards, often based on the amount of money spent using the card, come in various forms such as travel miles, discounts, vouchers, and cashback.

Benefits offered by Indian credit cards

Indian credit card companies have caught on to the rewards trend, providing a wide range of benefits to their users. These benefits vary based on the issuer, card type, and target audience. From premium cards offering travel lounge access to co-branded cards with partner retailers, the choices are abundant. One such area of focus is cashback rewards.

Cashback is a straightforward and popular reward scheme. As you spend money using your credit card, a percentage of that amount is credited back to your account. This encourages you to spend while simultaneously offering you a financial incentive to do so. Bajaj Finserv offers a selection of co-branded credit cards that have garnered significant attention for their cashback offerings.

Types of Bajaj Finserv co-branded credit cards

Bajaj Finserv has collaborated with renowned banking institutions such as RBL Bank and DBS Bank to create co-branded credit cards that cater to various consumer needs. Two prominent cards in this lineup are the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Credit Card and the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard.

Both these cards and their variants offer you a host of benefits, including accelerated reward points and cashback on specific categories such as entertainment, dining, and utility bill payments. These reward points can be converted into cashback, effectively reducing the cardholder's expenses. These cards come with welcome bonuses, annual milestones, and additional benefits like complimentary airport lounge access.

Cashback offered by Bajaj Finserv co-branded credit cards

The Bajaj Finserv co-branded card line-up takes the cashback concept to a whole new level, making it a standout choice in the competitive credit card market. Here is the list of card variants that offer exciting cashback:

  • 5% cashback on grocery spend (up to Rs. 250 per month) offered by Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Platinum ShopDaily SuperCard.
  • 10% cashback on fuel spends offered by Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Platinum LifeEasy SuperCard.

These offers are a major pull for users looking to maximise their savings. Imagine receiving a portion of your expenses back every month, just for using your credit card. This cashback feature extends to a wide range of spending categories, from online transactions to daily essentials. Such versatility ensures that users can benefit from the cashback offer regardless of their spending habits.

In the world of credit cards, the charm of cashback rewards is undeniable. Bajaj Finserv co-branded credit cards have tapped into this appeal with their impressive cashback offerings. These cards not only make daily transactions more rewarding but also provide users with a range of benefits that go beyond mere cashback, such as EMI conversion and interest-free cash withdrawals. Whether you are a frequent shopper, a travel enthusiast, or someone who values financial flexibility, these cards offer a tailored experience that can help you make the most of your money.


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