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Gift appreciated assets to your loved ones

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  • Present your loved ones with investment assets instead of cash

  • Fixed Deposits offer safety, flexibility and high returns

  • Savings bonds also offer great returns on your investment

A monetary asset whose value increases over time and stays safe even under volatile market conditions works like a financial shield. And gifting such an asset to your loved ones is a thoughtful gesture. Apart from boosting their savings, the recipient can also put your gift to good use during a time of need. But, selecting the right asset is crucial. Take a look at some assets that appreciate over time and make for an ideal gift for a loved one.

Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposits

The cash you gift to your loved ones will make its way to their savings account. Parked there, the sum will earn interest at 4% per annum, which they are most likely to use when they need cash urgently. Now, if you use this amount to gift them a fixed deposit instead, you will actually create an asset in the form of risk-free savings.

Most NBFCs offer a higher interest rate as compared to banks, so choose a company FD instead. These fixed deposits can fetch a 6.80% interest rate that goes up to 7.05% for senior citizens. Besides, fixed deposits aren’t linked to market forces and so offer high stability. Also, the recipient can renew the fixed deposit on maturity, which helps create a n even larger corpus in the long run.

Features of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits

Savings bond

Savings bonds are government-issued bonds, which are mostly available with nationalised banks and their subsidiaries. You can buy these bonds and earn interest at a rate of 7.75% per annum. Once purchased, the bonds are locked for 7 years. The best part is the flexibility of the amount you can invest.

These are great gifts for children as you can invest a minimum sum of Rs. 1,000, and there is no limit on how much you can invest in these bonds, as long as you do so in multiples of Rs. 1,000. The sum will grow with interest every year and become an asset for your loved ones.

How to invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit ?

Mutual funds

Mutual funds offer higher returns, but unlike investing directly in equities, investing in tax-saving mutual funds is less risky. You can invest the amount you want to gift into a mutual fund offering through a wealth management company.

A planner can help you understand the nuances of investing. Alongside, do your own research to find out the best performing mutual funds before making a decision. Mutual funds are a good option as they help you create a diversified portfolio by dividing the funds that you have and investing them in multiple companies.

Additionally, there is complete transparency as you, or the recipient of the gift, will receive regular updates and a total portfolio disclosure. Furthermore, the person you gift it to can use the same as a tax-saving device.

Before you select an investment as a gift, conduct a thorough evaluation of offerings from banks and NBFCs to select the most beneficial option. Rest assured that by gifting these instruments to your loved ones, you will help them build a valuable asset over time.

DISCLAIMER: The mentioned fixed deposit interest rates are indicative only, and may be subject to change periodically. Please check the interest rates on our website.

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