Losing your wallet can be very stressful. An incident as such can expose you to the risk of debit/credit card fraud.

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Why wallet care?

Get Fraud protection coverage up to Rs. 2 lakh

Get coverage for unauthorised use of your debit/credit cards

Emergency travel and hotel advance up to Rs. 1 lakh

Avail monetary assistance if you are stranded while travelling

Block lost credit/debit cards instantly

24X7 card blocking service available to block lost payment cards

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Block your lost credit/debit cards anytime, anywhereby making a single phone call.

Get FREE 1 year Zee5 Subscription worth Rs. 499/-

Our happy customers


Ravi Teja

Wallet Care is a perfect contingency plan for someone who has lost his/her wallet. It saves one from a lot of panic and unnecessary troubles.


Aniket Mehta

I could block all my lost debit and credit cards with a single phone call using the 24X7 card blocking facility offered under Wallet Care. I also received assistance in getting my lost PAN Card renewed.


Akshay Ronak

Losing a wallet can trigger immense panic. Wallet Care could be one of the most effective ways to mitigate the associated risk


M. Kaushik

Wallet Care offers significant protection against misuse of your lost or stolen cards. It’s a must have contingency plan.


dummy text

I could block all my lost debit and credit cards with a single phone call using the 24X7 card blocking facility offered under Wallet Care. I also received assistance in getting my lost PAN Card renewed.

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More info - Wallet Care

Why should I buy Wallet Care Membership?

In unfortunate situations when you suddenly find out that you cannot find your wallet, it is always a stressful race to swiftly get all your cards stopped. Wallet Care card protection plan enables you to make just a single call to the customer service team. They will reach out to your card issuers and your cards will be cancelled in a few minutes irrespective of your location.

How long will the membership remain active?

The wallet care card protection plan membership will remain active for a year from the set-up date of the membership plan.

How should I report the loss of my card?

When you find out that you have lost your card, you should immediately give a call on our 24/7 helpline number (1800-419-4000) or call 6000-4000 (city STD code to be prefixed). The card issuers will be contacted instantly by us for cancellation.

Why should I register my card details?

Registering details of your crucial documents and card with us ensures that you will get fast assistance in emergency situations.

What is covered under the Wallet Care membership?

Here’s a look at the extensive benefits that you get in this wallet care card protection plan: Blocking all your cards with just one free call Toll-free helpline number (24/7) Global coverage Complimentary fraud protection which covers you from any card based fraud on account of skimming, theft/loss, online use, counterfeiting, PIN based fraud and phishing Emergency cash and travel assistance Registration of valuable documents Replacing lost PAN Card IMEI registration and SIM blocking for lost phone

How can the card details be registered?

You can choose between these two options for getting your card and document details registered: Mail: The completed form for registration in the welcome pack can be mailed to us at this address: CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd. PO Box No. 826, Kalkaji Post Office New Delhi- 110019 Phone: You can call at the following numbers: Toll-Free- 1800-419-4000 6000-4000 (city STD code to be prefixed)

What is meant by a welcome pack and when do I get it?

Your welcome pack will contain all your wallet care card protection plan membership details including: Confirmation letter which contains membership information about your wallet care card protection plan. Registration form where you to register your card details Membership guide with all the benefits listed within Terms and conditions The welcome pack is dispatched to your registered email id within 3 working days from the membership creation day for your wallet care card protection plan.

What is to be done when I discover that my travel tickets, wallet and passport have been stolen and I am abroad?

In case you find out that these vital items have gone missing, you should call the 24/7 helpline number (1800-419-4000) or call 6000-4000 (city STD code to be prefixed) immediately. The insurer will ensure cancellation of the lost cards and will contact your card issuers accordingly. The insurer will also help with the receipt of the replacement passport and re-issuing of tickets so that you can come back home.

How will my hotel expenses be paid?

You should promptly call on 24/7 helpline number (1800-419-4000) or call 6000-4000 (city STD code to be prefixed) and let us know whether you require help with the payment for your hotel.

How can I raise a claim?

In case you have to make a claim, you can get assistance by calling our 24/7 helpline number. You will get a claim form which has to be filled up and returned with these documents – Subrogation bond Bank account/credit card statement Copy of FIR

Are there any claim submission limitations with regard to the time period?

All claims should be made within a period of 30 days from the date when the card loss is reported. You should send all necessary documents and original receipts for expenses.

Can the membership be cancelled any time I wish?

The membership can be cancelled at any time. You can call the 24-hour helpline for assistance in this regard or write in to us. In case you make the cancellation within 30 days of the set-up date for membership, you can get a full refund of your initial payment. However, this is possible in case you have not made any claims till then.

24/7 Card Blocking Service

With Wallet Care, you can report the loss of your payment cards and other wallet essentials by calling on 1800-419-4000 (toll-free number). The service which is available 24X7 lets you block all your debit and credit cards with just one call, eliminating the need for you to visit each bank individually to get your cards blocked.

Emergency Travel Assistance

In case you are stranded while you are travelling, you can avail emergency advance for travel and hotel up to Rs. 1 lakh in abroad and up to Rs. 50,000 in India. This advance is interest free for a period up to 1 month.

PAN Card Replacement

You can avail free replacement of your PAN card in case it is lost or stolen.

Mobile SIM Blocking

Wallet Care also provides you with SIM and IMEI registration and SIM card blocking service.

Complimentary Fraud Protection

• Get coverage up to Rs. 2 lakh against card fraud - involving PIN based fraud, phishing, tele-phishing and if OTP is not required (card is lost/stolen). • Coverage up to Rs. 100,000 against card fraud (card present or card not present transactions - other than the transactions listed above)

Deliberately Caused Losses

Losses occurred directly or indirectly from an act of forgery, fraudulent or dishonest act committed by you in respect of the payment card, with intent to defraud the card Issuer or the Insurer are not covered under the policy.

Losses Occurred While You Are Intoxicated

The coverage of the plan does not stand if the insured item is lost or stolen while you are in the state of intoxication or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxins or narcotics.