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Top health insurance plans in India in 2022

Owing to the exorbitant hospitalisation cost, accessing required medical facilities has become financially challenging. As a result, a chunk of the population relies on health insurance policies to secure their financial well-being in such instances. Investing in a proper health insurance plan brings monetary relief and easily helps one sail through a medical contingency.

Hence, it is imperative to know the availability of the best health insurance plans, ensuring applicants get adequate compensation. Moreover, with the rising popularity of online services, one can now search and compare policies and apply for them accordingly.

Here are the top health insurance plans in India in 2022

To avail of the benefits of the health insurance plans, one needs to have a well-rounded idea regarding the varied plans and select the one which serves the purpose effectively. Here is the list of India’s top health insurance policies:

Top plans Benefits Network hospitals
Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
  • Covers in-patient hospitalisation expenditure

  • Cashless claim settlement in 60 minutes

  • Includes ayurvedic and homoeopathy expenses
6,500 +
Aditya Birla Health Insurance
  • Under the plan, one will get new-age treatments like robotic surgeries, oral chemotherapy etc.

  • Get 150% restoration of the sum insured when it gets exhausted.

  • The plan also covers mental illness and offers free annual health check-ups.
8,000 +
Niva Bupa Health Insurance
  • Under the plan, one can go for cashless claims and avail of day care treatments.

  • The insurance plan aids for OPD treatment charges and organ donor expenses.
7,000 +
ManipalCigna Health Insurance
  • Under the plan, policyholders will receive coverage for daycare treatments and domiciliary hospitalisation costs.

  • The insurance policy covers in-patient medical expenses for even urgent medical care outside the country.
6,500 +

Searching for the appropriate health insurance policy can be a tedious job; however, with the help of the details mentioned above, applicants can easily select from the most popular health insurance policies and secure their finances from medical uncertainties.

Factors you should consider before buying the health insurance policy in India

Besides knowing the varied health insurance plans, proposers should also have a deep insight regarding the following factors to get the health insurance plan –

  1. Medical history
    Individuals’ current health status and the medical history of their dependents are vital factors that should be considered while availing of a health insurance policy. Insurers assess the health condition of individuals to determine the risk factor associated with insuring them. The number of pre-existing ailments increases the expenses of a health insurance policy. Different insurers have different exclusions and inclusions related to pre-existing conditions.
    Hence, going for a comprehensive health insurance plan will be favourable if one has any existing ailments or has a family history of the same.

  2. Policy premium and sum insured
    This is perhaps one of the significant parameters applicants must consider while buying a medical insurance plan. One should select a sum insured that will suffice medical expenses without falling short. Moreover, one should go for a policy coverage amount where the premium is affordable. Availing of health insurance plans in the early stage of life proves beneficial. The younger the proposer is, the lower the sum assured they need.
  3. Inclusion and exclusion
    While picking a health insurance plan in India, the proposer must understand the inclusion and exclusion under a particular plan. Individuals must also note co-payments and sub-limits before going ahead with a policy. Claiming against exclusions is equivalent to getting rejected for coverage. Not knowing enough regarding both will lead to hefty out-of-pocket expenses.

  4. Availability of network hospitals
    Another important factor that applicants must check is whether the health insurance plan provides access to a vast network of affiliated hospitals. Moreover, access to a wide network of such hospitals can aid one to access required treatment without worrying about their finances.

  5. Choosing the right health insurance plan:
    There is a slew of health insurance policies available for those in a medical emergency. Applicants should understand the intricacies of different insurance plans and then opt for them. In this respect, proposers can seek the assistance of reputed insurance aggregators Bajaj Finserv and avail of different types of insurance policies as per their requirements. One can choose from multiple options like family floater health insurance policy, employee health insurance policy, senior citizen health insurance plan etc., that the prominent insurance aggregator provides.

Furthermore, an applicant should also be aware of the waiting period to choose the best health insurance policy. During the waiting period, an insurance provider will not accept any claim from a proposer. An applicant can claim for a policy only when the period is over. The waiting period applies to specific pre-existing ailments like blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes etc. Hence, a proposer should choose an insurer that provides a minimum waiting period.

To sum up, health insurance policies are the ideal way to cope with hefty medical expenses and help one manage his/her finances effectively. However, a proposer must have thorough knowledge regarding different health insurance plans obtainable in the market to make an apprised decision before availing of one.

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