Handbag Assure

Whether functional or fashionable, a handbag is one of the most priced possessions one can have. Many people these days spend more on handbags than they would spend on a holiday. Especially, if you own a branded/designer handbag, your investment in the accessory needs to be protected. With Handbag Assure plan from CPP, you can safeguard your accessory against accidental loss, damage, theft, and a range of other unwarranted incidents.


Features of Handbag Assure

  • High Coverage

    High Coverage

    The Handbag Assure plan offers a high coverage of up to Rs. 40,000 at a nominal membership fees of Rs. 199. The coverage also includes a complimentary Handbag Protection Cover for up to Rs. 15,000.

  • Hassle-Free Purchase Process

    Hassle-Free Purchase Process

    Applying for the Handbag Assure plan is an easy online process. All you need to do is fill in an online application form with your basic details and make the membership fees payment using net banking, credit/debit card, mobile wallet, or UPI.

  • Emergency Travel Assistance

    Emergency Travel Assistance

    If you ever get stranded without cash or cards while you are travelling, you can avail an emergency financial assistance that can be used to book alternative travel and accommodation.

  • Block All Payment Cards Instantly

    Block All Payment Cards Instantly

    In case you lose your wallet with your debit or credit cards in it, you can get all of them blocked by making a single phone call. This service is available 24X7.

  • PAN Card Replacement

    PAN Card Replacement

    With Handbag Assure plan, you can get assistance to get a replacement PAN card if you happen to lose it.

  • What is covered in Handbag Assure?

  • Comprehensive Coverage for Your Handbag

    Comprehensive Coverage for Your Handbag

    The Handbag Assure plan offers you comprehensive coverage in a variety of incidents causing damage or loss to your handbag. These may include loss due to theft or burglary or accidental damage.

  • Standard Fire and Special Perils Covered

    Standard Fire and Special Perils Covered

    Offered under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions by Bajaj Finserv, the Handbag Assure Plan covers you against financial losses in case the covered handbag is damaged due to fire, riot, strike, or any other fortuitous cause.

  • What is not covered under Handbag Assure?

  • Handbag Older than 365 Days

    Handbag Older than 365 Days

    The Handbag Assure plan is applicable for handbags not older than 365 days as per the invoice date.

  • Normal Wear and Tear Due to Usage

    Normal Wear and Tear Due to Usage

    Any damages to your handbag as a result of normal wear and tear are not covered under the plan.

  • Carelessness on the User’s Part

    Carelessness on the User’s Part

    Any damage or loss caused to the covered item as a result of mishandling or careless on the user’s part is not covered under the Handbag Assure plan.

How to Buy the Handbag Assure Plan?

The process to apply for the Handbag Assure plan is simple and hassle-free.

Here is the step-by-step process to complete your purchase.

Step 1: Click on ‘Apply Now’ button at the top left-hand corner of the page. Fill in the online application form with the details requested.
Step 2: Authenticate your identity by entering the OTP received on the mobile number entered by you.
Step 3: Pay the membership fees of Rs. 199 via mobile wallet, credit card/debit card, mobile wallet, or any other preferred online mode of payment.

Handbag Assure – Claim Process

In case your handbag suffers loss or damage and you wish to raise a claim, you can intimate the issuer within 24 hours of the incident. You can reach out to the insurer in the following ways. While raising a claim, also provide the evidence for the need of emergency assistance.

1. To avail emergency travel assistance

• Call on 1800-419-4000 (toll-free number), or
• Write an email to feedback@cppindia.com

2. For Handbag Related Claims:

• Call on 18002667780 or 1800-22-9966 (only for senior citizen plan holders), or
• SMS ‘Claims’ to 5616181

Documents Required to File Claims

The following are the documents that you need to submit at the time of raising a claim:
• KYC documents
• Travel Safe membership letter
• Invoice or Bill Copy of article
• Duly filled Claim Form
• Claim Intimation within 24 hrs
• If Burglary or Theft – FIR is must

Contact Us

In case you have any queries related to coverage, exclusions, or claims, please write to us at pocketservices@bajajfinserv.in

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