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Asset Care - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPP?

CPP is a UK based MNC providing “Life Assistance Services” since 1980. It is present in 15 countries across the globe & has been working in India since 2008.

Why should a customer buy Asset Care?

The assistance features of Asset Care enable a customer to use a combination of Security/Entertainment/emergency benefits for oneself/one’s device as applicable under the membership from Day 1. Additionally, Under the Extended warranty feature of Asset Care, the customer can protect his appliance from malfunction and high repair costs post the Manufacture Warranty period.

What will the customer receive when he buys Asset Care?

Each customer will receive a physical Welcome pack which will be sent on his registered address: Benefit Guide Welcome Letter Product Terms & Conditions Insurer’s Letter & Terms & Conditions Redemption codes Also, an E-Welcome pack containing all of the above will be sent to the customer’s registered E-mail id.

What is the term of the Asset Care membership that a customer can purchase?

Asset Care membership can be purchased for a term of 1/2/3 years.

How does a customer cancel the Asset Care membership?

The customer can call CPP/Bajaj Finserv’s Toll free numbers to cancel the membership.

What if the customer does not receive the Welcome Pack?

The customer will contact CPP India’s toll free helpline number (18602583030) from Morning 11 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday & his/her Welcome Pack will be re-dispatched. The customer can get his/her E-mail id also registered (if not done already) to receive E-Welcome pack.

What if the redemption codes received by the customer in the Welcome Pack do not work?

The customer should contact CPP India’s toll free helpline number (18602583030).

What documents needs to be submitted by the customer for making a claim?

The following documents need to be submitted: Extended Warranty Policy Document Photograph of appliance with identification or serial number and failure part (OPTIONAL) Invoice Copy Job Card Copy OR Survey Report Id card ( PAN, Passport etc.) NEFT Mandate Form OR Cancelled Cheque (required for electronic fund transfer)

When can the customer avail the benefits under the EW feature of the Asset Care Policy?

The Extended Warranty feature becomes usable once the applicable Manufacturer Warranty for the purchased appliance has expired.

What is the time frame for activation of the features provided through the redemption codes in the Welcome Pack?

The redemption codes need to be activated within 3 months of receipt of Welcome Pack.

Till when can the customer buy Asset Care?

Asset Care can be bought within 180 days from the date of invoice.

What if wrong details are captured in the Asset Care Policy?

The customer can get the correct details updated in his/her policy by calling CPP India’s toll free number (18602583030) & furnishing the relevant documents to effect the change.

What does Extended Warranty Policy covers?

Extended Warranty Policy is an insurance contract that covers the cost of repair/ replacement of consumer durable appliances arising out of unforeseen manufacturing defects or poor workmanship during the Policy Period of 1/2/3 years.

What is Manufacturer’s Product Warranty?

Manufacturer’s Product Warranty is a limited warranty provided by manufacturer of the product that covers manufacturing defects in the product.

The manufacturer warranty is wrongly mentioned on the EW COI, whom do the customer need to contact to get the same corrected?

Customer needs to contact the CPP helpline no, which will take the request for change in Manufacturer Warranty. In case the request for change is within 90 days, customer CAN PLACE THE REQUEST FOR CHANGE ON CALL ITSELF OR SUBMIT REQUEST LETTER OR COPY OF MANUFACTURER WARRANTY CARD. In case the request for change is after 90 days but UP TO 365 DAYS, customer is required to submit a request letter OR COPY OF MANUFACTURER WARRANTY CARD. In case the request for change is AFTER 365 DAYS, customer is required to submit a COPY OF MANUFACTURER WARRANTY CARD OR EMAIL FROM MANUFACTURER OR LETTER FROM AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTRE.

What is Manufacturer’s Product Warranty Period?

Manufacturer’s Product Warranty Period refers to the period during which Manufacturer’s Product Warranty is applicable for the specific product. For majority of the consumer durable appliances, manufacturer’s product warranty is usually offered for a period of 6 months to 12 months. Please note that some parts of a particular product might have a different warranty period as compared to the overall product. As an instance, compressor (a part of refrigerator) has a usual warranty period of 5 years whereas the common warranty period for all other parts of the refrigerator is 1 year. Accordingly, 1 year shall be considered as the Manufacturer’s Product Warranty Period for this case.

Is Extended Warranty Policy transferable and renewable?

Please note that Extended Warranty Policy will expire if there is a change in ownership of the particular consumer durable appliance. Moreover, the policy cannot be renewed after expiry of the Policy Period.

If AC Compressor Warranty is of 5 Years and AC warranty is of 2 Years & if we want to do EW than EW will start after 2 Yrs. or after 5 Yrs.

If Gas leakage is because of any manufacturer warranty we refill the same. Gas leakage on account of wear-tear will not be covered.

If customer change his product after EW done, then is there any problem arise due to change of Serial Number during claim.

We are making a SMS based process for updating serial number of a customer. Although if s/he doesn’t updates we validate it from invoice.

If the customer login the claim within how much time his product will get repair/replace.

This is subjective to parts that has got defect. Generally 90% call gets closed within 15 Days, in case of Panel and Mother Board it replacements take around 40 Days

If the gas leakage, will this cover under EW claim policy

We cover gas leakage of AC in EW period

In remote location where there is no service provider, is there any opportunity to get the local service vendor empanelled with us.

We can definitely empanel local service provider if you can provide contact details of the provider we will share the same with BAGIC and get the same empanelled also customer can get the same repaired from Authorized service center and we will reimburse

Serial number is required of any product which we are doing EW??? or we need to put the original serial number which are on that product

You should try to get exact serial number in case of digital its compulsory, but if in case of large appliances serial number doesn’t match we verify with the invoice details of the customer

If manufacturer is giving 2 year warranty and FOS has convinced customer for 2 year EW policy, how many years does the policy will cover his product?

Our warranty will start after manufacturer warranty ends we will starts EW after 2 Yrs. Totally 4 yrs. warranty (2 yrs. manufacture + 2 yrs. extended) will be covered.

If manufacture has given 03 Yrs. warranty & we have given 02 Yrs. warranty ( total warranty will be of 05 Yrs. ) but if the model is discontinued or parts are not available , in this case what will happen there will be a piece to piece replacement

If the product is non repairable we will declare the same total loss and post deducting 10% depreciation / Yr. we will return the remaining amount to customer to buy asset of his choice.

if the customer has taken open EW & transfer to some other city or any other remote place ,than how the person can claim form the same .

We have centralized call center number where he has to call and register claim we will provide him service anywhere in India

There is very little to be covered in case of a refrigerator/ac/washing machine/MWO moreover the parts are cheaper than LED, still the premium is higher, why?

Generally compressor breakdown is rare 5% for ac/refrigerator. 35% are mechanical breakdown and 60% are electrical breakdown.

Is the gas leakage in ACs covered under all circumstances?

We cover gas leakage under all circumstances except any physical damage

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