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Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Health Insurance is the best way to protect oneself from unforeseen expenses due to medical emergencies. To ensure you are adequately covered under a health insurance plan, Niva Bupa Health Insurance offers a wide range of plan options like the individual, family floater, and top-up protection covers, considering the customers' diverse medical needs.

Highlights of Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plans

Keeping up with the evolving digitalization, Niva Bupa Health Insurance offers Niva Bupa Health App for its customers. Niva Bupa offers a scope of benefits like 30 minutes cashless claim process, instant reimbursement facility, an extensive network of over 7,000 hospitals, in-house guarantee claim settlement, and more.

Following are the health coverage plans offered by the insurer:

  • Health Companion

    Niva Bupa Health Companion plan comes with a host of smart features that caters to everything you need in a health cover. It is truly the smarter way to manage your entire family’s health.

  • Health Assurance

    Niva Bupa Health Assurance provides financial coverage during sudden emergencies like accidents, assuring you avail quality treatment at the time of need. You can also get the triple-layered advantage of CritiCare and AccidentCare.

  • Health Recharge

    Niva Bupa Health Recharge enhances your family’s health insurance cover with this super top-up plan. It covers medical expenses against personal accidents and critical illness and offers a plethora of features and benefits.

    Product Table
    Here’s a quick glance at the plan details offered by Niva Bupa:

    Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plans Sum Insured (Rs.) IPD Hospitals List – Pre-&Post-hospitalisation Modern Treatment (Robotic treatment)
    Health Companion: (Variant 1,2 & 3) From Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 1 crore 7,000 30- 60 days NA
    Health Assurance (Accident Care and Critical Care) From Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh
    Note: For over Rs. 50 lakh cover financial underwriting is required
    7,000 NA NA
    Health Recharge From Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 95 lakh
    Deductible: From Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh
    7,000 60- 90 days Cover up to SI (Sub-limits applicable on few conditions)

Why buy Niva Bupa Health Insurance Policy

Niva Bupa Health Insurance, previously known as Niva Bupa Health Insurance, is considered a premium brand in the insurance market. Offering several options like family floater health insurance and individual health insurance, you can pick the one that suits you the best per the coverage, need, premium and suitability.

It is paving its way with a high claim settlement ratio of 96%, easy online renewability, comprehensive medical coverage, 4500+ network of hospitals with cashless benefits across India.

The Niva Bupa health insurance plans have an initial waiting period of 30 days. The waiting period to avail of benefits for pre-existing diseases is 48 months.

Benefits of Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Here's a list of five significant benefits you can avail from Niva Bupa Health Insurance:

• Annual health check-ups

The company's health insurance policies include complementary health check-ups once a year or every 2-4 policy years. This benefit enables policyholders to track and manage their health.

• Cashless benefits

Niva Bupa's claims are handled by an in-house claim settlement department. The organisation has ties with over 4,500 network hospitals, ensuring that your health insurance claims are settled without cash. Furthermore, the organisation guarantees that your cashless claims will be pre-authorized after 30 minutes of notification, making the procedure swift.

• Protection from medical expenses

The company's health plans include extensive coverage advantages, which ensure that the majority of your medical expenses are covered. You will get coverage against inpatient hospitalisation, pre- and post-hospitalisation, daycare treatments, organ donation expenditures, ambulance cover, and more with Niva Bupa's health insurance.

• Tax benefits

The premium you pay for a Niva Bupa health insurance coverage qualifies for a tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

• Reinstatement Benefit

The policy base sum covered is re-filled and made available to the insured when the same or a different illness hits in the same policy year.

How to Purchase Niva Bupa Health Insurance Policy Online?

Here are the steps to purchase health insurance plans offered by Niva Bupa Health Insurance:

  1. Choose the health option online by visiting the website of the insurance provider.
  2. Fill in your personal details. You will receive an OTP after completing this form. You will need to enter the OTP to complete the process.
  3. Select the date wherein you wish to buy your Niva health insurance policy. To continue, tap on the 'View Instant Quotes' button.
  4. Select which individuals of your household you wish to include in your health insurance plan.
  5. Enter the ages of the family members you want to cover in the policy and then click ‘Continue’.
  6. In the following step, select your ‘Email ID’ and ‘City’, then choose the ‘Submit and View Quotes’ option. You'll get numerous insurance plan estimates based on your preferences. Now all you have to do is pick a Niva Health Insurance Policy that adequately matches your needs.
  7. Select the health insurance policy term, insert the needed information, and pay to finish the transaction

Niva Bupa health insurance cashless claim process

• Stage 1: Choose any of the hospitals under the cashless network and get admitted.

• Stage 2: Show the hospital your Niva Bupa Health Card. You can also supply your policy number as well as any other acceptable form of personal identification, such as a passport, PAN card, or voter's ID.

• Stage 3: The hospital will submit the pre-authorisation request form to Niva Bupa after verifying your identity.

• Stage 4: Within 30 minutes, Niva Bupa will react and offer confirmation to both the hospital and you.

• Stage 5: The claim will be settled directly with the hospital after all processes have been completed.

Reimbursement Claim Settlement Method

• Stage 1: If you are admitted to a hospital, please notify Niva Bupa within 48 hours, regardless of whether you are in a network or non-network facility.

• Stage 2: You will be required to clear the hospital bill on your own.

• Stage 3: Collect all essential documentation, bills, reports, and a discharge statement once you've been discharged.

• Stage 4: Send these documents to Niva Bupa, along with a completed and signed claim form, proof of ID, and proof of age.

• Stage 5: Following a review of your claim, you will either be authorised for reimbursement or denied, depending on the policy's terms and conditions.

• Stage 6: The amount you are entitled to will be reimbursed.

Documents Required for Reimbursement Claim

  • Legitimate ID proof
  • Doctor's letter for hospitalization
  • Doctor's remedy for conference, medication, and clinical trials
  • Hospitalisations and medical bills
  • Reports of lab and radiology tests
  • First Information Report (FIR), in case of an accident
  • Post-mortem report, if applicable

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Renewal Process

You may renew your insurance by the following procedure below:

  • Go to the website of Niva Bupa Health Insurance, i.e.,
  • To renew your membership, go to the site's 'Renew' tab.
  • Insert your current Policy Number and 'Date of Birth' and then tap the 'Submit button.
  • Examine the specifics of the Niva health insurance plan and the premium sum for renewal.
  • Make the transaction using the insurance provider's payment gateway.

Inclusions of Niva Bupa Health Insurance Policies

Here are the key offerings by the insurance company:

  1. Cashless benefit
  2. Room rent
  3. Operation charges
  4. Treatment costs
  5. Surgeon fees
  6. Pre-hospitalisation
  7. Post-hospitalisation
  8. Road ambulance charges during emergency
  9. All daycare procedures
  10. Organ donor expenses
  11. Modern treatment (robotic treatment) covered in Reassure, Health Recharge and Health Premia plans
  12. Annual health check-up

Exclusions of Niva Bupa Health Insurance Policies

There are a few exclusions to the policy. Some of them are listed below.

  • Suicide, self-inflicted injury, accidents due to substance abuse
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Sexually transmitted infections & diseases
  • Dental/oral treatments
  • Services in armed forces or any police organisation

For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Niva Bupa Health Insurance:

Q1. What types of medical expenses are compensated by Niva Bupa Health Insurance?

Ans. Niva Bupa Health Insurance covers every legitimate expenditure incurred by the insured during hospitalization.

Q2. Who is the TPA of Niva Bupa Health Insurance?

Ans. TPA (Third-party Administrator) from Niva Bupa Health Insurance is a corporate agent who operates in the companies’ network hospitals. Following every medical emergency, TPA assists policyholders in obtaining cashless hospitalization or reimbursement solutions.

Q3. Does Niva Bupa Health Insurance cover the hospitalisation expenses incurred during a medical emergency?

Ans. Yes, Niva Bupa Health Insurance covers the medical expenses incurred during hospitalisations up to the sum insured under the policy. However, you must check if any waiting period is applicable before availing the facilities to avoid confusion at the time of claiming the benefits.

Q4. Is it necessary to undergo a medical check-up before buying Niva Bupa Health Insurance?

Ans. A medical examination is not always required, and it depends on your age. You can check the policy terms and conditions to know whether a pre-policy medical examination is required or not. Mostly, policyholders of age 60 years and above require a pre-policy check-up from the authorised diagnostic center.

Q5. Which plan of Niva Bupa Health Insurance is best?

Ans. Niva Bupa Health Insurance offers a wide range of comprehensive health insurance plans that cater to every individual’s needs. You can choose from the various plans offered by the insurer that suits the best for your needs.

Q6. Is Niva Bupa a good health insurance plan?

Niva Bupa is a known brand in the insurance industry and offers multiple insurance plans to choose from. Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plans are preferred as they have a high claim ratio and an extensive network of hospitals providing cashless benefits. Easy claim process and reliable reputation are also features that make the brand reliable.

Q7. Can I avail of the cashless facilities across all hospitals?

Yes, you can avail yourself of the cashless facility with all the network hospitals of Niva Bupa. You must check the Niva Bupa health insurance hospital list to find those that can provide you with cashless benefits. The medical bills get deducted from your policy’s sum insured, keeping you away from the stress of dealing with the paperwork of filing for bill reimbursements.

Q8. What is a pre-existing disease or condition under Niva Bupa health insurance?

Under Niva Bupa Health Insurance, a pre-existing condition or disease means a disease or condition that a policyholder had before signing the policy. All policies arrive with a waiting period, ranging from a month to a couple of years. The claim regarding the pre-existing disease or condition can be validated through the policy. You need to check your policy documents to know the waiting period.

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