Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Health Insurance Policy

Features and Benefits

Take off the financial burden and stress of paying a huge hospital bill due to a serious accident or an illness. Cover yourself and your family with Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Policy and enjoy cashless facility at 3300+ network hospitals.

  • Cover hospitalization expenses

    Cover the hospitalization expenses more than the specified deductible amount under this policy.

  • Cashless facility

    Avail cashless facility offered at 3300+ network hospitals of Bajaj Allianz across India.

  • Single family premium

    A floater policy wherein you pay a single premium for the family.

  • Affordable premium

    Pay competitive premium rates and get many benefits with this policy.

  • Family protection

    Cover yourself, your spouse, and up to 3 children under this policy. Dependent parents can also be covered by a separate policy.

  • Waiver of medical tests

    No need for medical tests up to the age of 55 years, subject to no adverse medical history.

  • fees&charges

    Ambulance charges cover

    Cover the ambulance charges under the policy in case of an emergency, subject to a maximum of Rs. 3,000.

  • Fresh claims

    Consider each hospitalization as a separate claim with deductible applied afresh for each claim.

  • Tax benefit

    Get tax benefits on the premium paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  • Lifetime renewal

    Get the benefit of lifetime renewal for the policy, except in case of frauds.

  • Pay only 50% for medical tests

    Get 50% cost refunded for the pre-policy medical check-up for people above 56 years, if the policy is approved and issued.

  • Increase sum assured

    Increase the sum assured amount at the time of renewals.

  • Free look period

    Get up to 15 days to cancel the policy if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions.

  • Grace period

    Get a grace period of 30 days to pay your outstanding premium or to renew your policy.


Here are the requirements for this policy:

• Age of entry for proposer, spouse, and parents should be between 18 to 70 years.
• The age of dependents should be between 3 Months to 25 years.
• Sum assured should be Rs.10 lakh, Rs.12 lakh, or Rs.15 lakh.
• Policy period is annual.
• Pre-policy medical tests are advised for people above 56 years.

How It Works

Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Plan works in a simple manner:

Step 1 :

Choose your sum assured and number of members.

Step 2 :

Pay a regular annual premium.

Step 3 :

In case of an empaneled hospitalization, present your policy, register and get a cashless facility.

Step 4 :

In case of a non-empaneled hospitalization, make the payment and then send your claim form, bills, and all hospitalization documents to Bajaj Allianz for reimbursement. In both the cases, a deductible amount will be applicable as per the plan opted.

In both the cases, a deductible amount will be applicable as per the plan opted.