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Home Protection Insurance

Home Protection Cover FAQs

Home Protection Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have a Home Protection Cover?

When you travel, your home becomes a prime target for burglary, as there is no one left behind to watch over it. Returning from a trip to find that your home has been broken into and your valuables have been stolen can add unnecessary stress to your life, and the financial loss can impact your lifestyle. A Home Protection Insurance cover is ideal, as you can then travel worry-free knowing that you are covered against loss, even if your home is burgled in your absence.

When should I get a Home Protection Insurance Policy?

You should get home protection cover before you leave for a trip. However, your trip must be shorter than 31 days for the cover to stay valid. To apply online , just you need to fill home protection cover application form followed by making online payment and you are done.

Are the belongings I take with me on the trip covered as well?

No, only the items that are at your home, as listed under the “What’s Covered” section of the policy document, are covered against loss or damage.

What are the items that are covered under a Home Protection cover?

The following items inside your home are covered under this policy:

      o Furniture
      o Clothes
      o Electronic items
      o Audio equipment
      o Money
      o Cheques

What is not covered under a Home Protection cover?

Any losses that are due to an event that is not a burglary are not covered under this insurance policy. These events include, but are not limited to, situations like acts of God, natural disasters, warfare, and more. In addition, any event, including burglary, that occurs 31 days after you leave for your trip, is not covered.

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