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ASSET Protection & Assistance

Ever wondered how your day would be without your smartphone? Would you really enjoy your weekend binge watching sessions without your hi-tech LED TV? Would your kitchen be totally convenient without your advanced appliances? Our devices are today an extension of ourselves and have become an integral part of our homes. So, it’s equally important to keep these appliances covered against repair and replacement costs.

Bajaj Finance brings you some smart Asset Protection & Assistance plans to give your essential assets just the cover they deserve. Our plans bring with them a host of benefits including extended warranty, entertainment benefits, data security and more.

So, go on and choose a plan that suits your need and stop worrying about repair or replacement costs that may spring a surprise on you!

Why Buy Asset Protection Plan from BFL?

For BFL, our customers matter and we are keen to give them products that not only help them realize their life goals but also safeguard their interests. Also, we’re building partnerships with some of the best names in Assistance services to offer products that are relevant in the modern age. So, whether you are covered under Asset Protection when you avail a loan to buy products or if you choose to buy Asset Protection from us for products you have purchased recently without a cover, we’ll always offer what’s suitable for you. When you buy Asset Protection from us, you get:

• Relevant products that are never a force fit

• No unpleasant surprises of expensive maintenance

• A host of advantages that add value

• Hassle free sign up, assistance and claims

How does Asset Protection work for you?

Electronic gadgets are making our lives simpler and richer. With gadgets becoming smarter due to the latest technologies, they are also becoming more complex to service in case of any accidental damages.

Given this scenario, it becomes essential to protect these gadgets and appliances to take care of any maintenance issues should they arise.

This is where Asset Protection & Assistance comes in and takes the stress off your mind. With Asset Protection, you now have the advantage of getting every gadget that you own, protected against repair and replacement costs. That’s not all, you also have a host of other advantages to avail.

Extend the warranty period of your appliances

Secure your appliances and get coverage for repair and replacement costs for a further 12-36 months after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Annual membership fees start at Rs. 699

The membership fee is decided based on the appliance model, while the coverage will be as per the invoice value of the appliance.

Appliances covered

The extended warranty plans cover washing machines, LED TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other appliances up to their invoice value.

Multi-lingual assistance helpline

You can call on 1860-258-3030 between Monday and Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm to get policy-related assistance in multiple Indian languages.

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